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Alchemy Emperor Of The Divine Dao Chapter 1318 - 1318 Might of the Stone Emperor

Alchemy Emperor Of The Divine Dao Chapter 1318 - 1318 Might of the Stone Emperor

If Ling Han ventured to the Netherworld, of course he could complete his comprehension of the Regulations. However, the Netherworld only had its own set of Regulations. This was unlike the Celestial Qi, which contained both the Regulations of the Immortal Realm and the Regulations of the Netherworld. Compared to comprehending a single set of Regulations by itself, comprehending this Celestial Qi was a complete breeze.

It could be said that comprehending Regulations in the Netherworld for 10,000 years wouldn’t be as beneficial as comprehending Celestial Qi in this place for a mere two hours.

Moreover, if an Immortal Realm being ventured into the Netherworld, they would be like a radiant sun amid the darkness because of the different Regulations that they practiced. They would stick out like a sore thumb and become a clear target wherever they went. Add to that the animosity between the Immortal Realm and the Netherworld, and it was certain that they would be hunted down relentlessly.

If Heavenly Body Tier elites couldn’t kill them, then the Netherworld would send Eternal River Tier elites. If Eternal River Tier elites couldn’t kill them, then the Netherworld would send Genesis Tier Saints. In the Netherworld, Immortal Realm beings wouldn’t be able to wield the power of Regulations, regardless of how powerful they were. Even if one were invincible in the Immortal Realm, they would fall to the level of an also-ran if they ever crossed into the Netherworld. Their death couldn’t come any quicker or swifter.

In any case, the Regulations of the Netherworld also had the ability to corrupt people. If one stayed in the Netherworld for a long time, they would indeed be able to comprehend the Regulations of the Netherworld. However, the Immortal Realm Regulations that they had previously comprehended would also disappear. This was like a multiple-choice question where one could only pick one option. It was impossible to pick both options.

Thus, the preciousness of this Celestial Qi was astounding. Otherwise, why would a descendant of a Saint and a disciple of Saint have come here?

They only had three days to absorb this Celestial Qi, so the six people didn’t dare to waste even a second of their time. Even Chi Huangji forcefully suppressed his anger to absorb as much of the Celestial Qi as he could, completing his comprehension of the Regulations.

This could elevate his battle prowess and—more importantly—help him complete his comprehension of the Regulations. By completing his comprehension of the Regulations, he would obtain a foundation that would allow him to reach greater heights.

Ling Han had already reached the peak stage of the consummate level of the Sun Moon Tier, so his cultivation wouldn’t advance any further unless he broke through to the pinnacle level. In fact, this wasn’t a bad thing at this moment, as he didn’t need to waste any of his energy on raising his cultivation level. He could focus his full attention on completing his comprehension of the Regulations.

The previous time he had absorbed Celestial Qi, he had perfected his Regulations to the high extreme of the Mountain River Tier. This could elevate his battle prowess by a little, though this amount of elevation was nothing compared to the pinnacle level of the Mountain River Tier.

After one day, Ling Han successfully perfected his comprehension of the Regulations to the pinnacle level of the Mountain River Tier. If he battled Chi Huangji again at this moment, he was confident that he could suppress him in under 100 exchanges. Of course, Chi Huangji had also perfected his comprehensions now, so his battle prowess had definitely risen significantly as well. Since both of them had seen great improvements, the victor of the battle would be determined by who had comprehended more Regulations.

Another day pa.s.sed, and Ling Han perfected his Regulations to the low extreme of the Sun Moon Tier. However, the speed of his comprehension became slower and slower. Even though his comprehension ability was astonis.h.i.+ng, and even though he was receiving the blessing of heaven and earth at this moment—raising his comprehension speed by hundreds upon thousands of times—there was still a limit to how fast he could complete comprehension.

Three days pa.s.sed, and the columns of light vanished one after another.

Ling Han stood up and opened his eyes, which were filled with images of stars and galaxies. These images then disappeared, and his eyes returned to normal. However, there was a gentle look in his eyes, and they gave off a feeling of deep profoundness.

Chi Huangji and the four others also stood up at almost exactly the same time. There was a look of satisfaction on their faces, and it was clear that they had all enjoyed huge improvements these past three days. Of course, the corners of Chi Huangji’s mouth were still twitching from time to time, and everything would have looked much more peaceful if not for this.

“Since we’ve received the blessing of heaven and earth, we can probably leave this place now!”


The nine of them instantly felt heavier as a strange force tugged at their bodies. In the next instant, they had already appeared outside the canyon of the Mountain River Forest.

Not only them, but the hundreds of prodigies who had entered the Mountain River Forest were also teleported out.

This signified the conclusion of the Two Realm Prodigy Gathering.

“Human!” There was a furious roar, and Chi Huangji’s black hair billowed in the air as he glowered at Ling Han. His lock of white hair stood out starkly. Chi Huangji didn’t hold back as he unleashed the full power of his Heavenly Body Tier aura, and a heavenly body that was only the size of a palm radiated with an overwhelming aura that belied its size. It was as if this heavenly body could crush anyone into a pulp.

Low extreme of the Heavenly Body Tier!

If he were on the Joint Peace Planet, he could be regarded as a supreme being, although he wouldn’t the most powerful of them. Here, however, Heavenly Body Tier elites could only be regarded as elites. In fact, those at the low extreme were only barely worthy of being called elites.

Anyhow, the battle prowess of king tiers like Chi Huangji could definitely surpa.s.s six stars. In other words, his battle prowess was on par with the late stage or even peak stage of the medium extreme.

More importantly, he still owned a Saint Tool. This was a weapon of ma.s.s destruction, and it was capable of killing any Heavenly Body Tier elite. In fact, it could even challenge elites at the low extreme of the Eternal River Tier.

Ling Han furrowed his brows. ‘Do I have to use the Black Tower?’

“Heh, since the Two Realm Prodigy Gathering has already concluded, Chi Huangji… You’re now using your power to pick on the weak!” The Stone Emperor leaped over to stand in front of Ling Han. It was clear that he intended to help him.

“Pick on the weak?” Chi Huangji sneered loudly, and said, “I’ve only cultivated for 200 years, and this person has definitely cultivated for longer than me. So, how can my challenge toward him be regarded as ‘picking on the weak’?”

In the cultivation world, battling against those at the same cultivation level was regarded as fair, and battling against those at the same age was also regarded as fair.

The Stone Emperor faltered, and he turned back to glance at Ling Han. A look of surprise spread across his face, but then he laughed loudly, and said, “I suggest you look again closely. Is he really older than you?”

Chi Huangji was dismissive at first, yet after glancing at Ling Han, his expression suddenly became one of shock.

In the Mountain River Forest, the mysterious power of heaven and earth had rendered him unable to determine Ling Han’s situation. However, after returning to the outside world, he had now recovered hos Heavenly Body Tier cultivation. Thus, he could naturally tell that Ling Han’s age was definitely under 100.

If his cultivation level were a little higher, he would be able to refine his estimate to under 50. However, he would definitely be even more shocked.

To Immortals, 100 years was truly not a long time. For many people, this was even shorter than one session of cultivation in seclusion. Anyhow, it was now clear that one of them was under 100 years old, while the other was around 200 years old. The difference between their age was at least twofold.

This being the case, how could they be compared to each other?

If anyone called this a battle between prodigies at the same age, they would surely have to be joking.

Chi Huangji’s expression continued to change. In the end, he humphed coldly, and said, “Fine, I won’t pick on the weak then. Hand me the essence divine flames, and I’ll spare you this one time. The next time we meet… I’ll definitely kill you without mercy!”

He definitely couldn’t lose the essence divine flames.

“You’ve got to be joking, that’s my battle spoils!” Ling Han smiled faintly, and continued, “Chi Huangji, if you’re dissatisfied with the results, why don’t you suppress your cultivation and battle against me at the same cultivation level? See how I defeat you again!”

Chi Huangji chuckled coldly, and said, “Humph! I’m hundreds of thousands of times more powerful than you, so why do I have to accommodate your needs?”

He ignored the presence of the Stone Emperor and resolutely launched an attack at Ling Han.

“Impudence!” The Stone Emperor bellowed loudly, and his voice transformed into a giant fist that smashed toward Chi Huangji.


Chi Huangji was instantly sent flying.


Blood and flesh exploded from his body. He was no match for the Stone Emperor!


Four heavenly bodies materialized around the Stone Emperor.

Consummate level of the Heavenly Body Tier! No, perhaps he was at the pinnacle level of the Heavenly Body Tier—the fifth heavenly body could be revealed or hidden by its owner.

As expected of a Saint’s son!

Regardless of how powerful Chi Huangji was, his cultivation level meant that he was no match for the Stone Emperor, who was at least at the consummate level. Moreover, the Stone Emperor was also a supreme king tier, so he wouldn’t lose against Chi Huangji even if he were at the same cultivation level as him.

“d.a.m.n it!” Chi Huangji was drenched in blood, yet he was wild with rage at this moment. He retrieved his Saint Tool.


His ancient mirror shuddered slightly, and a small dot of light gathered on its surface.