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Martial God Asura Chapter 1180 - The Situation Turning Bad

Martial God Asura Chapter 1180 - The Situation Turning Bad


Once Chu Feng’s palm landed on Lei Yao’s head, Lei Yao immediately started to scream. However, after the scream pa.s.sed, his eyes closed and his body leaned to the side. He had lost the ability to fly in the air and began to fall from the sky.

“Senior brother Lei Yao!”

Seeing this scene, the members of the Orion Division shouted loudly. They were able to sense that although Lei Yao’s body was unharmed, he had lost his breath, and was already dead, killed by Chu Feng’s palm strike.

“Chu Feng, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d!”

At this moment, many members from the Orion Division flew over. As for Yuan Qing, he directly caught Lei Yao’s falling corpse. After they received Lei Yao’s corpse, the members of the Orion Division started to gnash their teeth in anger and display extremely intense killing intent from their eyes.

While Chu Feng might have left Lei Yao’s body intact, he had devoured all of his internal energy. Not only was there not a single bit of consciousness left behind, even Lei Yao’s source energy had been devoured completely. It could be said that this Lei Yao was dead beyond dead.

“Chu Feng, you are simply an animal! While it is true that you won the fight to the death and possessed the right to kill senior brother Lei Yao, why must you devour his source energy? Do you even possess any sentiment for fellow disciples?!” After putting Lei Yao’s corpse away, Yuan Qing stepped forward, pointed at Chu Feng and cursed him loudly.

“What? Not only did Chu Feng kill Lei Yao, he even refined Lei Yao’s source energy?” Yuan Qing’s voice was extremely loud and clear, resounding throughout a several mile radius.

When the crowd learned of this matter, many of them sucked in a mouthful of cold air. That was because what Chu Feng had done was truly a bit too ruthless.

Although once one signed the life and death agreement, the loser’s life and death would be completely in the hands of the winner, however, to refine even the loser’s source energy was truly too ruthless an act.

However, other than the people from the Orion Monastery who were angry, the others merely gasped in awe or became frightened of Chu Feng.

They were awed by Chu Feng’s courage and insight. He dared to do as he desired, he was simply reckless.

They feared Chu Feng’s ruthlessness. As matter stood, they knew that Chu Feng’s methods were not only extremely daring, they were also extremely ruthless.

Thus, Chu Feng naturally caused many people to become afraid of him. They decided in their hearts that unless they had no other choice, they would definitely not make Chu Feng into an enemy, for someone like Chu Feng was truly too frightening as an enemy.

“Chu Feng, you are truly an animal. It is one thing for you to refuse to let senior brother Lei Yao live, but for you to devour even his source energy, do you truly have no feelings for your fellow disciples?” Although the surrounding crowd were merely awed and cowed by Chu Feng’s action, the disciples of the Orion Monastery were completely different. More and more of them started to stand up and lash out at Chu Feng.

“Feelings for a fellow disciple? Are you all trying to scam me? When Lei Yao instructed the Dragon Tiger Division to trample my Asura Division, did he think of feelings for his fellow disciples? When he spoke of killing me, had he thought of the feelings of his fellow disciples?”

“To speak of feelings for fellow disciples, are people like you all even worthy of mentioning it?” Chu Feng sneered. The gaze with which he looked at the disciples of the Orion Monastery was one filled with contempt and disdain.

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you are truly an animal! Not only are you ruthless in your methods, you even dare to speak such venomous slander to frame our senior brother Lei Yao. I have never seen someone like you before. You are unworthy of being a disciple of our Cyanwood Mountain.”

Yuan Qing held up his fist and shouted loudly, “Elders, I plead that you all expel this Chu Feng from our Cyanwood Mountain. To have such a man as a fellow disciple is truly too frightening of a matter. He is simply not worthy of being a fellow disciple, for he is nothing more than an animal. I feel disdain to be a.s.sociated with such a man. Elders, please severely punish this Chu Feng and expel him from our Cyanwoood Mountain.”

“That’s right. Chu Feng is utterly heartless, he is worse than dogs or pigs. We feel disdained to be a.s.sociated with him. Elders, please severely punish this Chu Feng and expel him from our Cyanwood Mountain.”

“No, to only strip away his ident.i.ty as a Cyanwood Mountain disciple is letting him off too easily. We should kill him!”

Once Yuan Qing said those words, the people from the Orion Division all started to shout loudly. In an instant, their voices suppressed Chu Feng’s and resounded throughout heaven and earth trembling the hearts of the crowd. It was as if Chu Feng had committed a heaven-defying crime and deserved to be killed.

Such a scene caused many of the surrounding crowd to be stunned. Logically, as it was a fight to the death between Chu Feng and Lei Yao, it was within reason for Chu Feng to kill Lei Yao.

However, the elders from the Orion Monastery first plead for leniency for Lei Yao. After that, Lei Yao himself begged for forgiveness. Yet, Chu Feng not only did not let Lei Yao off, he even absorbed all of Lei Yao’s source energy. This was truly a bit too excessive.

At this moment, Chu Feng had clearly enraged everyone from the Orion Monastery. Regardless of whether they might be elders or disciples, none of them were willing to drop this matter.

However, at the moment when everyone felt that an imminent catastrophe would befall Chu Feng, few people noticed that Chu Feng still had a light smile on his face. Furthermore, his eyes started to squint lightly.

“All of you, shut your mouths. Are you trying to rebel or what?!” Right at this moment, an angry shout exploded like thunder. Not only did heaven and earth trembled from that voice, the bodies of those disciples that were making a ruckus were all pushed back. There were even some among them that directly fell to the ground, only managing to get back up after a great amount of difficulty.

It was Elder Xie. She was enraged. As the elder in charge of this fight to the death, she was enraged by their actions. She pointed to Yuan Qing and the other disciples from the Orion Monastery and coldly shouted. “This is a fight to the death, where the two of them have signed the life and death agreement. As Chu Feng won the fight, he possessed the authority to handle Lei Yao as he wished. Regardless of whether it might be killing Lei Yao or refining his source energy, it was all within Chu Feng’s rights to do so. How could you all possibly dare to act so impudently here?!”

Once Elder Xie spoke those words, the expressions of Yuan Qing and the others all turned green. Not a single one of them dared to talk back to her. That was because Elder Xie was also a Half Martial Emperor. As this fight to the death was overseen by her, their actions of berating Chu Feng were not only an attack against Chu Feng, it was also not putting her in their eyes.

“What Elder Xie said is correct. The fight to the death possesses its own rules. When did it become the time for you bunch of disciples to act so impudently here?”

Right at this moment, another voice suddenly sounded. At the same time, close to a hundred figures appeared before everyone’s line of sight.

All of them were wearing the outfits of elders. However, they all had an identical-looking blade on their waists. The blades were sharp and long, and appeared to incomparably incisive. They were no ordinary blades. Instead, they were top quality Royal Armaments. At the same time, they were a symbol of power. These blades were known as the Punishment Blades.

Other than the Punishment Blades, there was also a special character on their chests. It read ‘Punishment.’

“They’re people from the Punishment Department, how come they’ve come here too?”

Seeing this group of elders caused many people to be surprised. That was because this group of close to a hundred elders were all members of the Punishment Department.

Punishment Department. The Punishment Department was a branch power organization that would cause one’s complexion to change just by the mention of its name. There were countless branch power organizations in the Cyanwood Mountain. However, in terms of strength and power, the strongest among them would be the Punishment Department.

Not only does the Punishment Department possess numerous powerful individuals, it also possessed the power to determine one’s life and death. Not to mention the disciples, even elders were intimidated by the Punishment Department at first glance.

At this moment, with the arrival of the people from the Punishment Department, the crowd all started to grow nervous. Especially those people from the Ascension Sect, who were now frowning deeply. They were able to subconsciously feel that the people from the Punishment Department had come precisely for Chu Feng.

After this group of people from the Punishment Department appeared, the elders from the Orion Monastery immediately flew over and stood alongside the group of elders from the Punishment Department. This caused the people from the Ascension Sect to feel even more unease.

This was because this was an extremely obvious display that they were together. At the very least, these elders from the Punishment Department should’ve been asked over by the Orion Monastery.

“Elder Xie, what you say is very correct. According to the rules of a fight to the death, what Chu Feng did was all reasonable.”