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Martial God Asura Chapter 1181 - Calm Response

Martial God Asura Chapter 1181 - Calm Response

“However, there are some words that must still be said. We are all humans with hearts of flesh. As long as one’s a normal human, they would all have emotions in their hearts. A fellow disciple is equivalent to one’s own sibling, one’s own brother. Thus, one should possess sentiments for fellow disciples, relying on each other.”

“There is no deep hatred between this Chu Feng and Lei Yao. Yet, he was capable of being this ruthless. I wish to ask, could this Chu Feng still be considered to be a human?”

“Chu Feng, speak for yourself, could you still be considered to be a human? Are you worthy of carrying the status of a disciple of the Cyanwood Mountain? Have you not let down Lei Yao who, has died because of you?”

Sure enough, that Half Martial Emperor elder from the Punishment Department raised his eyebrows and looked at Chu Feng with an ice-cold expression as he coldly asked those questions.

Furthermore, his voice was extremely loud and clear, and contained a very powerful and fierce oppressive sensation. Without concealing anything, he directed his questions toward Chu Feng.

“Elder Ying, this is a fight to the death. As for the fight to the death, its rules have been decided by our Cyanwood Mountain’s ancestors. Even if what Chu Feng has done is somewhat excessive, his conduct is still within the rules. As he has done everything within the rules, there is no fault to be found.” Seeing that the situation wasn’t good, Elder Xie hurriedly spoke for Chu Feng.

“Elder Xie, it is Chu Feng that I am questioning. Can you please not interrupt me?”

“Chu Feng, I am asking you a question. Could it be that you do not even have the courage to respond to my question? What happened to the arrogance that you’ve displayed earlier?”

However, that Elder Ying was extremely unyielding, and his att.i.tude was extremely vile. It was clear that he had come to make things difficult for Chu Feng.

“F*cking h.e.l.l, are these bunch of little b.a.s.t.a.r.ds from the Punishment Department planning to rebel?!” At this moment, on top of the clouds, the management elder from the Weaponry Refinement Department was unable to continue watching this anymore. He stood up and planned to fly down.

“Old freak, wait a moment.” Seeing this, Elder Wei from the Medicine Concocting Department waved his sleeve to stop him.

“Old fellow, what are you doing? Didn’t you think very highly of this Chu Feng? Could it be that you’re planning to watch as that little b.a.s.t.a.r.d from the Punishment Department bullies Chu Feng?”

“While you might be able to sit by and watch, I, on the other hand, am not. I’m going down and teaching this bunch of Punishment Department’s little b.a.s.t.a.r.ds a lesson. If I don’t teach them a lesson, then their Punishment Department might truly think that there is no law and order to curb them.” The management elder from the Weaponry Refinement Department was glaring with his eyes wide open. He was extremely furious.

“Old freak, you’re truly muddled. With how highly I think of this Chu Feng, how could I possibly let him be bullied?”

“Merely, look carefully at Chu Feng. Even though the little b.a.s.t.a.r.ds from the Punishment Department have brought along a great deal of people and displayed their superior strength, he has not frowned even once,” said Elder Wei as he pointed to Chu Feng below.

Indeed, Chu Feng’s expression remained unchanged. He was very calm, even a bit excessively calm. That was because there had always been a dim smile on his face the entire time.

It must be said that at this moment, the smile that Chu Feng still had on his face caused those that hated him to feel incomparably resentful.

“What’s going on with this boy? Could it be that he doesn’t know fear?” Seeing this scene, the Weaponry Refinement Department’s management elder was also amazed.

“No, I think it’s because Chu Feng is capable of handling the situation in front of him. Thus, let’s not interfere yet. Let’s see how Chu Feng will resolve the current crisis,” said Elder Wei.

“Mn, very well. I too wish to see what other methods this boy has up his sleeve to give him such confidence that he is not afraid when facing death.”

At this moment, the Weaponry Refinement Department’s management elder sat back down and looked at Chu Feng with a gaze of antic.i.p.ation.

“Elder, you asked if I, Chu Feng, am a human? In that case, I wish to ask you, do you believe that everyone who has ever signed the life and death agreement and fought a fight to the death to not be human? In that case, should the fight to the death not exist?” Chu Feng asked in a calm manner.

“Those who sign the life and death agreement must have a deep and enormous hatred for one another. Was there such hatred between you and Lei Yao? Since there was not, you should not have signed the life and death agreement.”

“Thus, Elder Xie is also responsible for this matter. That is because this fight to the death should not have happened to begin with. This was a mistake from the very beginning.” That Elder Ying took a fierce glance at Elder Xie.

“Oh? So in your eyes this fight to the death is unreasonable? In that case, why didn’t you show up sooner and stop the two of us from fighting?”

“Please don’t tell me that you found out about this matter late and rushed right over to prevent us from fighting after finding out about it just now, only to not make it in time.”

“Three days. A total of three days. This fight to the death had been determined since three days ago. Look at the crowd present, see how many of them knew about this fight.”

“With all these people knowing about this fight, if you’re going to tell me that you’ve only found out about it just now, then wouldn’t the information gathering ability of the Punishment Department be truly ineffective? As a major branch power organization carrying the burden of protecting the Cyanwood Mountain, how could the Punishment Department possibly protect the safety of us disciples if you’re unable to obtain the news in time?”

“However, if you knew about this fight to begin with, then why didn’t you come and stop us earlier? If you’d come to stop us, then there wouldn’t have been a need for the fight to the death today, nor would Lei Yao have died.”

“However, you did not come to stop us, and instead only show up now, after I’ve already killed Lei Yao, to say that I’m not a human, that I shouldn’t have killed him, and that this fight to the death was unreasonable.”

“Elders from the Punishment Department, I truly wish to ask, are you all not putting too much thought into this matter? You say that I do not have a deep hatred with Lei Yao, but it is even more that I do not possess any hatred towards you all, so why must you try to entrap me in such a manner?”

“How could I, a mere little disciple, possibly be able to win against you all? If you all wanted to do something to me, wouldn’t it be equivalent to stepping on an ant? Why must you go through all these troubles?” Chu Feng asked with an expression of being wronged.

“Chu Feng, don’t you continue with your nonsense…” After hearing what Chu Feng said, those elders of the Punishment Department were all so enraged that their complexions turned ashen. They never imagined that Chu Feng would be so brazen and voice his suspicion of their motives before such a large crowd.

Truly, after what Chu Feng said, their motives were exposed. Furthermore, they had fallen into a state of being incapable of explaining themselves. No matter how one looked at it, they would appear to have planned this beforehand, and came to deliberately make things difficult for Chu Feng. In an instant, the people that entered a crisis turned out to be them instead.

“Amazing. So resourceful, this Chu Feng is truly too quick-witted. However… wouldn’t this completely offend all of these people from the Punishment Department?” The Weaponry Refinement Department’s management elder was very appreciative of Chu Feng’s response. Yet, he was also slightly confused.

“They’ve come here precisely to make things difficult for Chu Feng. Even if Chu Feng did not offend them, they would not have let him get away. People like them are destined to be enemies from the beginning. So what harm is there if Chu Feng were to offend them?”

“Merely, to speak in such a manner to those from the Punishment Department in public, this Chu Feng is the very first that I’ve ever seen. Truly, it is difficult for one to not praise his courage and insight,” said Elder Wei.

“That’s right. This Chu Feng is truly a talent. I admire this boy more and more now. I truly want to see what will happen next.” The management elder from the Weaponry Refinement Department nodded his head repeatedly. A pleasantly surprised smile appeared on his aged face.

“Chu Feng, don’t you pester endlessly to try to invert right and wrong. It is one thing for you to go against the rules and kill a fellow disciple. Yet, you actually dare to insult the elders from the Punishment Department as well. You’ve truly eaten the heart of a tiger and the gall of a leopard. Do you even put any rules of the Cyanwood Mountain in your eyes?”

“That’s right. Chu Feng, enough with your nonsense. There was no deep hatred between you and Lei Yao. This fight to the death was unreasonable to begin with. No matter how much you say, it still remains unreasonable. You are incapable of exculpating yourself from your sins.” Seeing this, the elders from the Orion Monastery hurriedly spoke to help get the people from the Punishment Department out of their embarra.s.sing situation.

“Oh? So it turned out that a fight to the death could only be conducted should the two parties have a deep hatred for each other?”

“In that case, I wish to ask, members of the Orion Division, I have killed your Head, do I have a deep hatred with you all now?” Faced with the elders deliberately making things difficult for him, Chu Feng still had a calm expression on his face. With a beaming smile, he looked to the group of Orion Monastery disciples.