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Absolute Resonance Chapter 1193: Crisis Averted

Absolute Resonance Chapter 1193: Crisis Averted

Based on her senses, the low-grade Tree of Resonant Power had suddenly overflowed with life force, and the branches, which were previously only a few hundred feet long, were now starting to grow at an astonis.h.i.+ng pace.

Dense bunches of leaves began to populate the tree like gigantic palms that shadowed over all. In a short span of time, they had covered the entirety of Southwind Academy.

This sight left the students dumbfounded.

Worldly natural energy began to churn and condense under the shade of the Tree of Resonant Power, and almost immediately, the density of the energy increased by multiple times.

In fact, it almost reached the level of the Astral Sage College's Tree of Resonant Power in the past...

Vice Princ.i.p.al Su Xin thought of something, and undisguised excitement arose in her eyes as she shouted, "The Tree of Resonant Power has increased in grade!"

Wei Sha replied in shock, "How could this happen out of nowhere..."

An increase in grade was something he could never have imagined. Additionally, it was not something Dukes could do.

"This didn't happen out of nowhere. It happened with a.s.sistance from the ancient college!" Vice Princ.i.p.al Su Xin chortled with happiness.

"Only the ancient college's Ancient Progenitor Tree of Resonant Power can transport a high-grade Tree of Resonant Power seedling across immense distances to elevate our Tree of Resonant Power's grade!"

Mentor Chi Chan was a little shocked. "The seedlings are extremely precious, and the Academic Federation keeps them under tight control. How and why was one sent here?"

Suddenly, a look of disbelief surfaced in her eyes. "Could it be... Li Luo?"

"What did Li Luo do now?" Yu Lang asked in surprise after hearing their words.

Bai Doudou was the first one to connect the dots, though she had a similar expression to everyone around her. "Did Li Luo manage to request a high-grade Tree of Resonant Power seedling for us?"

The Academic Federation and the ancient colleges were foreign and faraway concepts to her, but she knew that such a seedling was something even an expert on the level of Vice Princ.i.p.al Su Xin was unable to easily obtain. Yet Li Luo had resolved their predicament?

Vice Princ.i.p.al Su Xin was not sure either. Li Luo had a strong background on the Heavenly Origin Divine Continent, but that alone was unable to influence the Academic Federation's decisions. They would not give the Astral Sage College a seedling just because of his status. After all, he was merely a member of the Bloodline of Heavenly Emperor Li and not Heavenly Emperor Li himself.

As they remained sh.e.l.l-shocked, the pillar of light atop the Tree of Resonant Power began to play out a message loudly. "The Astral Sage College's Li Luo was the top contributor in the ancient college's mobilization mission. He has earned a high-grade Tree of Resonant Power seedling with his merits. It is hereby bestowed upon the Astral Sage College for its cultivation purposes and to bless their students."

Everyone in Southwind Academy heard the announcement.

Countless students were left in a daze, and the entire college was left silent.

They could scarcely believe their eyes as they looked at the rapidly growing Tree of Resonant Power. Only after a while did one of them come to their senses. He shouted with a trembling voice, "The Tree of Resonant Power... is evolving into a high-grade one?!"

The students that had accompanied the Astral Sage College's exodus from Xia City to the City of Southwind were trembling with excitement. Tears welled up in their eyes and emotions flooded them.

The previous high-grade Tree of Resonant Power was a blessing and also the source of their belief in the college.

The fact that it had been destroyed during the Other Disaster had caused their hopes to be extinguished. It was a heavy blow to their motivation.

Even though the Astral Sage College had continued to chug along valiantly for the past few years, no one knew just how long the situation would last. Without a proper foundation, they could not maintain things.

Vice Princ.i.p.al Su Xin was cognizant of this and had wholeheartedly strove to obtain a new seedling, all in order to reignite the students’ motivations and beliefs.

However, as time pa.s.sed, her dreams failed to materialize and she had only turned more and more haggard as she toiled.

As a result, many students stopped hoping to ever see such a tree yet again.

But then this wonderful surprise had sprouted before them.

Shock, jubilation, and countless other emotions welled within them. The familiar name had surprised them as well.

"Li Luo? Is that the Li Luo that represented the Astral Sage College in the Holy Grail Meet? Wasn't he just a One Star Hall student then!?"

"He actually went to the Heavenly Origin Divine Continent and even managed to acc.u.mulate a significant amount of merits in the ancient college's mobilization mission?!"

"That's very impressive!"

"Haha, he's let the ancient college's geniuses know that sage colleges have capable talents too!"

The atmosphere that surrounded the college had soared with happiness. Some of the old students could still remember that outstanding freshman who had made his debut in the past.

There were some newer students who were unfamiliar with his name. However, the older students had excitedly told them of Li Luo's achievements and stories.

He was the miracle who had started with a blank palace but ended up with triple resonances.

Not only that, he had an even more legendary fiancee.

The pair of talented geniuses had represented the Astral Sage College and even won the Holy Grail Meet!

No one had any idea that they had left the Xia Kingdom for an inner divine continent, and they never would’ve imagined that Li Luo would thrive there. He had even managed to earn such a great gift with his contributions.

Yu Lang's jaw dropped when he heard this. The mental impact he had received from the news was not minor.

He stomped his foot as he said with mock bitterness, "It's such a shame. I've been made a fool by him again."

Bai Doudou smiled. "Aren't you supposed to be great brothers? Now that Li Luo is doing well, shouldn't you feel pleased for him?"

Yu Lang sincerely replied, "You don't understand the feelings of men. I worry that my brother has suffered too much. Yet I also worry that he will live an easy life."

Bai Doudou wordlessly rolled her eyes at the mischievous fool. After which, she turned towards the growing Tree of Resonant Power. "It looks like this Tree of Resonant Power will be able to reach the scale of the one in the old college."

This was undoubtedly a moment of great joy for the students of the Astral Sage College. Li Luo had truly given them a lifeline.

It was then that another message began to play from the pillar of light. It was transmitted over vast distances and was a little unclear but everyone who knew Li Luo could feel a sense of familiarity from this voice.

"My Astral Sage College friends, await my return. I will definitely lead you to reclaim the Xia Kingdom."

Many students’ eyes turned misty upon hearing this. The image of the magnificent sage college outside Xia City was still fresh in their memories.

There were some who had even fought beside Li Luo and could remember his high-spirited confidence.

He was the creator of miracles.

He had left as a One Star Hall student, but he had achieved far more than even the Seven Astral Pillars, who could only hang their heads in shame.

Perhaps when he truly returned one day, they would be able to retake and rebuild their homes.

"Brother, I'll await your return. But don't forget, I'll be breaking into the Heavenly Pearl Tier soon. I will not lag behind you. Can you feel the pressure despite the distance between us?" Yu Lang said to himself with eyes full of profundity as he grasped the daggers on his waist.

It was at this point that another message played from the pillar of light, resounding throughout every corner of Southwind Academy.

"Yu Lang...

"I've managed to stumble into the Greater Heavenly Resonance Tier."

The campus became so silent that the rustling of the leaves was the only sound to be heard.

Bai Doudou realized all of a sudden that there was no one beside her. Turning her head, she saw Yu Lang walking away.

"What's wrong with you?"

Yu Lang did not turn his head, but he yelled from afar, "d.a.m.n it, it's time to seclude myself!"

While the Astral Sage College descended into a sea of cheers and happiness due to Li Luo's surprising news, Li Luo himself was on the way back to the Bloodline of Heavenly Emperor Li. His flying s.h.i.+p cruised through the cloud layers, swiftly speeding into the distance.

Li Luo was sitting cross-legged on the s.h.i.+p with Jiang Qing'e and Li Hongyou beside him. Escorting them were two Dukes from the Bloodline of Heavenly Emperor Li as well.

The two guards couldn't help but cast their gazes upon Jiang Qing'e and Li Hongyou occasionally, with a hint of amazement in their eyes.

They knew that Li Luo had come to the Heavenly Origin Ancient College alone; how had he managed to pick up two exceptional beauties on the way back?

The mysterious, golden-eyed maiden was especially shocking. She had an exquisite countenance and gave off a vague sense of oppressive pressure. The two of them were also Dukes and thus naturally knew the reason behind that.

This young lady was at the Duke Stage.