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Absolute Resonance Chapter 1135: Dual Poison and Great Sanguine Poison Art

Absolute Resonance Chapter 1135: Dual Poison and Great Sanguine Poison Art

Jiang Wanyu, Lu Jinci, and the rest looked over at Li Luo. At this moment, the nine Heavenly Pearls behind him were s.h.i.+ning brightly. It was a dream that many ordinary elites could not hope to achieve.

That said, their main issue was that their opponents had Greater Heavenly Resonance Tier strength. Even Jiang Wanyu and Zong Sha, who had bore witness to Li Luo's multiple miracles, were uncertain if he could turn the situation around.

Nonetheless, Li Luo was not bothered by their gazes. He looked over at Li Hongyou and noticed that she was gradually losing ground in the struggle against the two Greater Evil Spirits. She was hardly able to hold on with the Blackwood Feather Fan.

Li Luo's gaze turned pensive. He could understand the doubts coming from the others as after all, their opponents were Greater Evil Spirits! His resonant power might have surged, but his opponents weren't going to give him an easy fight.

He was confident he could triumph over Lesser Heavenly Resonance Tier opponents, even those at the True Seal-grade.

However, the Greater Evil Spirits were another matter. Others possessed tenacious lifeforce and were usually harder to kill than humans of the same level.

As such, ordinary methods would not work against Greater Evil Spirits.

"Too bad the Five-tailed Heavenly Wolf is still in slumber. Besides, his fiendish energy may attract greater amounts of corruption in the All-Being Ghostly Skin Dominion..."

Li Luo's brain moved quickly. He was considering all the tricks and options he had on hand to resolve this situation.

After a while, he came to a decision.

"Everyone, move back a little and stay away from me," Li Luo told Jiang Wanyu and the rest. Jiang Wanyu and the others looked at each other in confusion. They did not know what Li Luo was plotting, but they stepped away.

It was not just Jiang Wanyu at this point. w.a.n.g Kong, Yue Zhiyu, and Zheng Yunfeng were also looking over as they engaged in their battles.

"What is he thinking?" They thought to themselves when they saw the group move away from Li Luo.

As he remained the center of attention, a majestic bow materialized in his hand. It was none other than the Heavenly Dragon's Sunchaser Bow.

"Is he going to convert his resonant power into light resonant energy again?" Li Hongyou frowned a little when she noticed this. Li Luo had taken Evil Spirits down with ease using light arrows. However, those Evil Spirits had been completely suppressed by her and thus had no means to defend themselves at all.

Looking at the circ.u.mstances right now, she was the one being suppressed by these two Greater Evil Spirits. It would be meaningless if Li Luo used the same trick.

Even if he converted his resonant power into light resonant energy, it would not be able to cause any practical damage to the two Greater Evil Spirits.

However, what came out of Li Luo's body caught Li Hongyou by surprise. It was not immense light resonant energy, but instead a pungent stench that a.s.sailed everyone's noses.

Li Luo's arms turned pitch black rapidly.

It was like he had been poisoned.

In fact, this was the dual poison that had been left behind in Li Luo's body.

This deadly poison was the work of Pei Hao back in the Xia Kingdom. Instead of getting rid of it, Li Luo had used the Resonant Bubble Art to contain the poison and save it as a last resort for himself.

As he grew stronger over time, the Resonant Bubble Art became insignificant in the grand scheme of things, so he had shelved it.

Although the dual poison was a hidden danger being contained within his body, Li Luo valued its toxicity. Therefore, he had never gotten rid of it completely. After all, he could have easily done so with Li Jingzhe's help.

At this moment, Li Luo decided to release the restraints containing the dual poison. He would set loose this vicious beast that had been bound for so long.

The poison spread rapidly along his arm, eroding his flesh and causing him excruciating pain.

However, Li Luo's gaze remained resolute. With a thought, he activated the secret art that he had obtained back in the auction before the Spiritual Resonance Cave.

"Great Sanguine Poison Art!"

This was a secret art that fused one's blood essence with a type of poison. It would create a special blood poison whose strength depended on one's blood essence and the poison added.

As someone from a Heavenly Emperor lineage, his blood contained Heavenly Dragon energy, so his blood essence was extremely pure and qualitatively superior.

As for the dual poison, it was deadly enough to threaten the life of a Greater Heavenly Resonance Tier cultivator. With these two fused together, the resulting blood poison would surely be more effective than anyone present could imagine.

This was a trump card that Li Luo had saved for a long time.

When Li Luo activated the Great Sanguine Poison Art, the blood essence in his body collided directly with the dual poison. Immense pain distorted his face for a moment.

Pitch black droplets of blood leaked out of the pores on his arms and dripped down slowly. It was an extremely terrifying sight.

His whole arm shook repeatedly, as if strange creatures were wriggling underneath his skin.

At this point, the nine Heavenly Pearls behind his back radiated extremely brightly. Resonant power surged up and poured into the poison formed by his blood essence and dual poison.

With Li Luo as the origin, the poison continued to flow out. The ground beneath his feet had began to melt.

Jiang Wanyu and the rest finally understood why Li Luo had asked them to step away from him. The acrid smell of the poison was making them dizzy despite the distance they had created.

Everyone could tell how terrifying the poison was. How could something so frightening come out of Li Luo's body?

As everyone watched in surprise, Li Luo activated the final bit of poison. It flowed out of his arm and gathered on his bow.

There was an immense halo of poisonous energy circulating around the bow, ultimately condensing into a black arrow.

The arrows of light energy were bright and full of divine might, while this arrow was extremely insidious and fear-inducing.

Poison continuously dripped down from the arrow. Everytime a drop touched the ground, the worldly natural energy around it was infected and melted away.

The arrow was like a venomous python bound onto the bowstring and ready to spring.

The bones on Li Luo's palm were visible due to the corrosive effect of the poison energy. It was clearly something that was too hard to fully control, even for himself, but Li Luo did not mind. His bow was fully drawn like a full moon.

He thought about it for another moment. He did not aim the arrow at the two Greater Evil Spirits that were engaged in battle with Li Hongyou. Instead, he chose the one over at Yue Zhiyu's side.

Li Hongyou was fighting. Even if he helped her finish off one Greater Evil Spirit, the stalemate would continue.

However, Yue Zhiyu was different. She was handling two Greater Evil Spirits on her own and had a slight advantage.

If Li Luo helped her out, Yue Zhiyu would be able to finish the fight quickly and after that, she would be able to help the others out and the situation would change drastically.

"Senior Hongyou, endure it a little longer," Li Luo whispered to himself. The nine Heavenly Pearls behind him buzzed and vibrated, glowing like suns in the galaxy.

His fingers relaxed and the bowstring snapped explosively as it was let loose.


A black light zipped across the void, leaving a trail of shattered rifts. The immense poison energy was unconcealable. A vicious python had finally broken free after being bound for so long.

The poison energy whizzed past many astonished pairs of eyes almost instantly and directly penetrated the body of the Greater Evil Spirit that was fighting with Yue Zhiyu.

At that moment, the place turned silent.

Everyone stared at the Greater Evil Spirit that had been shot. No one knew how powerful the arrow was.


Before their eyes, the blood-red Greater Evil Spirit looked down at the black wound on its chest. The "evil" character on its face twisted ferociously. After which, the poison energy rapidly spread throughout its body. Everywhere it pa.s.sed, including the corruption that it wielded, was eroded.

In just a few moments, the Greater Evil Spirit turned completely black. It shook from side to side and took two more steps forward, trying to launch another attack towards Yue Zhiyu. However, just as it raised its claws, its enormous body turned into a puddle of vile water that spilled across the ground.

It splashed everywhere, and Yue Zhiyu retreated swiftly to avoid being struck. She watched this scene with eyes full of surprise.

Li Luo... had killed a Greater Evil Spirit with a single arrow?!