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Absolute Resonance Chapter 1152: Treasure Cave

Absolute Resonance Chapter 1152: Treasure Cave

"Li Luo, we will do some simple tests next to check if you remain clear headed. Is that alright?" Feng Lingyuan hesitated for a moment and asked him.

Li Luo nodded his head. He knew that this was a standard procedure of the College to guard against corrupted individuals attempting to infiltrate the group.

With that, Feng Lingyuan began to ask him questions about his past memories. They were trying to see if he could still recall them correctly. After all, if his mind was corrupted, there would be gaps and loopholes within his memories as well. This would be discovered from the series of questions.

However, Li Luo had no problem with it. The corruption was tightly sealed within his left arm and did not spread any further. As such, he could answer Feng Lingyuan's questions with composure.

As they finished the last question, Feng Lingyuan finally heaved a sigh of relief. Her gaze towards Li Luo lightened up a little as she told him, "Li Luo, don't worry too much about it. The state of corruption isn't too serious. When we return to the College, we should be able to cleanse it with the help of the Vice princ.i.p.al."

Li Luo nodded his head. "What about the Blood Ossuary Carrier?" He asked.

"He's escaped. He fused with the other half of the blood egg and snuck off. We do not dare to chase after it carelessly." Li Hongyou answered from the side.

A cold light flashed across Li Luo's eyes. This irritating opponent had really given him a big headache this time. If he had the chance in the future, he would definitely enact his revenge on him!

"Senior Hongyou, thank you very much for your a.s.sistance earlier." Li Luo expressed his grat.i.tude to Li Hongyou. He had sensed her resonant power helping out when he was struggling against the corruption raging in his body.

"And Senior Yue too." Li Luo looked over to Yue Zhiyu. Although their relations.h.i.+p had started off on opposing terms because of his relations.h.i.+p with Jiang Qing'e, she had still rendered help when the time called for it.

Li Hongyou shook her head lightly with a smile. Meanwhile, Yue Zhiyu folded her arms across her chest and pouted. "You better look after yourself. Although your corruption is not deep, that blood egg is extremely strange. We will still keep an eye on you so please do not do anything odd."

Li Luo did not mind this. After all, they had to consider the safety of their team members as well.

He took a glance at the unnerving cursed arm of his. He tried to move it but it seemed like this left arm was no longer his. There was no movement from it at all.

In his heart, Li Luo felt helpless about it. Who would have thought that he'd become a one-armed fighter? He shook his head as his eyes turned back onto the blood pool in front of them. It was only at this moment that he noticed the blood pool water had completely dried up. Only a gigantic Ten Thousand Skin Devil Heart Pillar stood in that spot. As if it had lost its fountain of energy, this pillar began to grow dimmer.

"Li Luo, we plan to destroy this Ten Thousand Skin Devil Heart Pillar next. We will shatter the All-Being Ghostly Skin Dominion in this district completely and return the Fifth Minor Earthly Branch Realm to its original state." Feng Lingyuan explained.

All the students hanging on it had been rescued. Originally, they wanted to destroy the pillar immediately. However, the incident with the blood egg disrupted their plans.

Li Luo had no objection to it. Their main mission for entering the Fifth Minor Earthly Branch Realm this time was to destroy the Ten Thousand Skin Devil Heart Pillar. After all a lengthy series of trials and challenges, the end was finally in sight.

However, they had no idea how the other teams were doing in the other districts. This realm was too vast and they would never be able to reach the other spots in time to a.s.sist.

As such, everyone gathered on the exterior of the blood pool. Immense resonant power surged up. All of them unsheathed their treasured artifacts and attacks flew onto the towering pillar with overwhelming resonant power.


Energy explosions erupted one after another.

As everyone attacked with all their might, the Ten Thousand Skin Devil Heart Pillar that had lost its fountain of energy could not endure for long. Cracks began to appear on the surface of the pillar and extended rapidly, turning into large crevices that criss crossed the entirety of its body.

As the Ten Thousand Skin Devil Heart Pillar began to crack, the surrounding world s.p.a.ce began to twist and turn.

The vast Swamp City and its countless buildings began to turn hazy.

It was like an ink painting being thrown into the water. Everything was getting washed away.

Finally, the Ten Thousand Skin Devil Heart Pillar could not hold on against the combined a.s.sault of the students any longer. It exploded and a wave of gloomy energy swept through the area like a raging tempest.

As the storm subsided, the first thing that vanished was the Swamp City that they were in.

All the buildings had disappeared.

Even the pitch black lake was no longer there. All the air into their surroundings turned refres.h.i.+ng and vibrant. The chilly atmosphere from before had swiftly dissipated.

It had disappeared so fast that some might have even wondered if everything earlier was just an illusion.

Everyone appeared to be in a trance but they were soon awakened by undulations of extremely pure worldly natural energy. They looked over at the spot where the Ten Thousand Skin Devil Heart Pillar once stood. There seemed to be a bottomless cave over there and endless resplendent light shone outwards.

In an area where their eyes could perceive, a sea of treasures were lying in wait. Furthermore, they all looked exceptional.

In the deeper parts of the cave, they could sense even stronger waves of energy flowing within it. Worldly natural energy had condensed into a physical mist due to its sheer density.

Everyone's eyes lit up pa.s.sionately.

The place where the Ten Thousand Skin Devil Heart Pillar stood must be one of the spots where worldly natural energy gathered in the Fifth Minor Earthly Branch Realm. If they made some adjustments to the area, it could even become a valuable spot for cultivation.

Since the Fifth Minor Earthly Branch Realm had been sealed for thousands of years, the cultivation resources available had been brewing bountifully.

Outside the cave, many of the students couldn't help but drool at the sight of this. They could not wait to lay their hands on these treasures.

"Guys, pick whichever treasures you like. It's all up to your personal ability now."

Feng Lingyuan communicated to some of the other top students before she informed everyone else.

As her words ended, Feng Lingyuan and these elites turned into flickering shadows as they rushed into the cave. Li Luo was also amongst the group.

After such an arduous battle, it was time to reap the rewards.


As Li Luo and the rest rushed into the treasure cave, the two supreme beings outside the Fifth Minor Earthly Branch Realm also sensed these changes in the world s.p.a.ce.


In the vast sky outside the void.

The Princ.i.p.al of the Heavenly Origin Ancient College, w.a.n.g Xuanjin, and the All-Beings Devil King were still sitting in the lotus position. Their imposing and majestic presences made the stars in the sky appear dim.

Both of them were looking down at the small world s.p.a.ce in front of them.

Although these two magnificent figures were quiet and their faces remained calm and peaceful, the void around them was filled with an indescribable killing intent. Not even an ordinary Single Crowned King would dare to approach them at this moment. From time to time, waves of destruction would surge from the world s.p.a.ce a distance away from them. The amount of resonant power that gushed out was enough to flood the heavens and the earth. At the same time, a chilly energy br.i.m.m.i.n.g with countless negative emotions would sweep across the field.

These were the battles between the vice princ.i.p.als of the Heavenly Origin Ancient College and those under the command of the All-Beings Devil King.

The fights were on a scale that was beyond one's imagination.

At one point, w.a.n.g Xuanjin's eyes moved a little. He stared at the projection of the Fifth Minor Earthly Branch Realm and suddenly said, "It seems like seams have appeared in your All-Being Ghostly Skin Dominion."

The cloudy, white mist that had originally enshrouded the Fifth Minor Earthly Branch Realm was trembling violently. The seven Ten Thousand Skin Devil Heart Pillars that were supporting the All-Being Ghostly Skin Dominion began to show signs of breaking down at this moment. This had caused rifts to appear in the All-Being Ghostly Skin Dominion that was originally covering up the entirety of the Fifth Minor Earthly Branch Realm.

Clearly, this was thanks to the hard work of the students that had gone into the Fifth Minor Earthly Branch Realm. They had successfully destroyed four of the Ten Thousand Skin Devil Heart Pillars. Although their mission had not been completed yet, the All-Being Ghostly Skin Dominion was no longer perfect.

Hearing these words from w.a.n.g Xuanjin, the All-Beings Devil King, who had transformed into a boy with red lips and white teeth, chuckled. "I thought your students would have been able to destroy all seven by now. It seems like they've fallen a little short ultimately."

"They're trying their best. Why are you so harsh?" w.a.n.g Xuanjin slowly replied.