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Absolute Resonance Chapter 1151: Corruption

Absolute Resonance Chapter 1151: Corruption

This was a sign of corruption by an Other.

The blood-red energy continued to make its way across Li Luo's arm, clearly trying to invade his entire body.

Li Luo's face turned dark. He knew that if the corruption spread across his whole body, it would be an extremely grave matter.

He had to halt the corruption from spreading any further if he wanted to survive.

Li Luo activated his resonant power and channeled it towards his left arm to resist the insidious corruption that raged within him.

However, there was barely any effect. Li Luo could even feel that his resonant power was the one being corrupted!

"Ordinary resonant power is unable to fight against this corruption. It's far too strong. Luckily, I have light resonant power...!"

Li Luo did not panic. He thought about it for a moment and poured all the resonant power from his body into the mysterious Auric Halo. All of it was transformed into brilliant light resonant power.

Filled with divine and purification prowess, he channeled the light resonant power into his left arm and readily formed layers of defenses.

This time, he was successful and the rate of corruption finally slowed down.

Like two elite armies clas.h.i.+ng in a war, the light resonant power and the corruption in his left arm fought a battle to the death.

As Li Luo focused all his attention on the vicious war occurring inside his body, Feng Lingyuan, w.a.n.g Kong, and the others watched anxiously from the outside. They were looking a little wary. After all, they had seen countless cases where one lost control of themselves after getting corrupted.

As everyone raised their vigilance around Li Luo, Li Hongyou chose to walk up to him directly.

"Hongyou!" Feng Lingyuan shouted in a worried tone.

Li Hongyou did not care pay her any mind. She frowned and looked at Li Luo. Nothing could happen to him here. If something did, how could she fulfill her wish in the future?

At present, Li Luo's situation was dire and she had to help him in any possible way.

Everyone watched intently as she studied his left arm. His skin was red and ugly like the back of a red toad. However, she could tell that there were two major energies struggling within it.

"It's light resonant power... Li Luo possesses a light resonance and he's using it to fight against the corruption right now." Li Hongyou heaved a sigh of relief.

She stretched out her slender, jade finger and pointed between Li Luo's brows. At the next moment, crimson energy with a lingering fragrance flowed out of it.

The crimson energy flowed into Li Luo's body and calmed his heart and mind, bolstering his ability to resist the corruption.

Seeing this, Feng Lingyuan and the rest approached Li Luo as well. They saw the two energies clas.h.i.+ng in Li Luo's arm and frowned.

"Light resonant power is the most effective way to fight back against corruption. Our resonant power will not be able to help," Feng Lingyuan said with a frown.

They couldn't do much to help him with his affliction. Only a higher level expert would be able to a.s.sist Li Luo.

"I can provide him with some aid to stop the corruption from spreading further. However, it'll ultimately be up to him whether he is capable of turning the tides," Yue Zhiyu said after giving it some thought.

"You guys should make preparations in the event that he really loses control. If Li Luo's mind is corrupted, we will have to capture him. We'll see what to do with him once we've returned to the college."

Feng Lingyuan sighed helplessly. "Nothing can happen to Li Luo. If he doesn't come out of here alive, the Bloodline of Heavenly Emperor Li will not let the Heavenly Origin Ancient College off."

"That is something for the college to worry about. There's nothing much we can do here," Duan Mu said.

Everyone nodded in agreement. After some discussion, Feng Lingyuan and w.a.n.g Kong made their preparations. Their resonant power flowed out and encircled Li Luo in the center.

At this point, Lu Ming, Jing Taixu, and Sun Dasheng had also walked up. They looked worriedly at Li Luo. However, they knew that there was nothing they could do about it.

The atmosphere that was originally relaxed turned tense once again.

This time, the person they were wary of was the hero from the previous battle.

Li Luo was not bothered by the commotion on the outside. He sensed the crimson fragrance flowing into his body and understood that Li Hongyou had come forward to help.

Then he felt a divine energy coming from the outside of his left arm. The ferocious corruption grew slightly tamer.

"Is this light resonant power from Yue Zhiyu?"

The light resonant power from Yue Zhiyu was only able to help him limit the corruption's spread externally. After all, part of it had already infiltrated the depths of his body.

If the defenses within his body failed, the corruption would spread throughout his body. He would lose control of his mind and become no different from a living corpse.

The three resonant palaces in Li Luo roared to life and resonant power continued to pour out. The Auric Halo took in all of it and converted it into light resonant power, sending all of it out to resist the corruption rampaging in his body.

Against an all-out defense, the corruption's rampant spread had finally been staunched and suppressed.

However, Li Luo did not relax. He knew that this was only temporary, and as time pa.s.sed, the corruption would slowly inch its way forward.

Nonetheless, the rate of corruption was at least slower than its pace at the beginning.

Yet the fact that it would spread was inevitable.

At its current pace, the corruption would spread to an alarming degree in a few days' time.

"Not even light resonant power can stop it completely?"

Li Luo's heart was heavy. He had tried everything he could think of. However, the corruption energy from the strange egg was too persistent. It was definitely an extraordinary object

He thought deeply about it for a few moments. Suddenly, an idea flashed across his mind. He looked at the Acquired Resonance Flame deep in the depths of the mysterious Auric Halo.

It was a very special flame. Perhaps it could be of help.

He focused his mind to control the flame. The Acquired Resonance Flame slowly floated up, cruised through his body, and appeared in the battleground between the light resonant power and corruption energy.

With the arrival of the Acquired Resonance Flame, small buds of flame rose out of the fire and entered the light resonant power.

A surprising result was achieved when the two of them combined.

As the light resonant power surged up, buds of flame faintly flowed within it. The line of defense had become impregnable as a result if the comination. No matter how hard the vicious corruption tried to erode the upgraded defenses, there was no breakthrough.

Li Luo finally heaved a sigh of relief.

He tried to launch a counterattack to force the corruption out of his left arm completely. However, the corruption seemed to have a mind of its own. Sensing the danger, it began to quickly shrink back and consolidate into a ma.s.s.

For a moment, the two armies were locked in stalemate.

Li Luo was not satisfied with this. He tried to find other opportunities to quell the issue, but the corruption was too tenacious. With his current strength, there was no way for him to get rid of it completely.

At this point, he finally understood. With his current capabilities, all he could do was protect his body and prevent the corruption from spreading. He would need some greater external aid if he would like to purge his body of it completely.

This would most likely be possible only after they had completed this mission.

Li Luo sighed in his heart, then he slowly opened his tightly-shut eyes.

The first thing he noticed were strong energy undulations surrounding him in all directions. Everyone was looking at him warily.

After Li Luo opened his eyes, he did not move from the spot. His resonant power was not activated and he stood there with a calm face.

To date, he has had his fair share of encounters with the Others. He knew the kind of dangers that a corrupted individual would pose to a group, especially in the All-Being Ghostly Skin Dominion. As such, the others were extremely vigilant towards him.

As Li Luo kept quiet on the spot, the others around him heaved a sigh of relief. The resonant power that had been summoned up gradually subsided.

"Li Luo, how're you feeling?" Feng Lingyuan asked him in a hurry.

Li Luo replied calmly, "Not very good."

He looked down and stared at his left arm. There were some signs of an Other Transformation that had occurred to it. It had grown a few times thicker and its veins were out of place. From the outside, it looked extremely frightening. On the back of his hand, a b.l.o.o.d.y red cyst had surfaced with a faint crack seen on it, as if a Devil Eye was on the point of opening up. When you compared it against his other unaffected arm, the left one was clearly terrifying and strange. It was the arm of a devil.