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Absolute Resonance Chapter 1155: All-Beings Palace

Absolute Resonance Chapter 1155: All-Beings Palace

It was the kind of silence that made one uncomfortable.

Feng Lingyuan, Yue Zhiyu, and Li Hongyou also regained their senses behind Li Luo. They studied the countless halls in front of them with serious faces. This was on a much larger scale than the city earlier.

"It seems like this is the final destination for our mission," Feng Lingyuan said in a low voice.

"The other teams must have been dragged forcibly into this place as well," Yue Zhiyu added.

Li Luo's heart skipped a beat. In that case, Jiang Qing'e was probably in the All-Beings Palace as well. She was probably in another spot, but this made him unusually pleased. In a way, they were getting closer to meeting each other.

"There's a message in the Ancient Spirit Leaf!" Li Hongyou said suddenly.

Hearing this, everyone focused and activated the Ancient Spirit Leaves on the backs of their hands immediately. A message flowed into their minds.

"The All-Beings Devil King has been incubating seven True Devil Eggs with his Ten Thousand Skin Devil Heart Pillars. He's also recruited the Murderous Ghost Horde from the Origin Reversion Inst.i.tute to help out. Currently, there are four True Devil Eggs left. If they manage to fuse together, a strand of the All-Beings Devil King's will will descend upon the Fifth Minor Earthly Branch Realm. Students, please work together to prevent the fusion of the True Devil Eggs. The fusion will require the a.s.sistance of the Heavenly Ghost Altar in the center of the All-Beings Palace."

When Feng Lingyuan and the rest processed the information, they frowned. It seemed the egg that they had tried to destroy back in the blood pool was a True Devil Egg.

Then the strange group of people with coffins behind their backs were from the Origin Reversion Inst.i.tute.

They were the strange ones who belonged to a separate power.

"They're clearly humans. Why would they choose to work with the Others? d.a.m.n it!" some of the students said out loud.

Li Luo took a glance at his cursed arm. Strictly speaking, three and a half True Devil Eggs had fallen into the hands of the Murderous Ghost Horde and Evil Spirits. The other half was still in his left arm.

"Guys, our priority right now should be heading towards the Heavenly Ghost Altar. We can meet up with the other squads over there. The All-Beings Palace is sure to be filled with traps and dangers. We have to work together in order to fight against the Murderous Ghost Horde and Evil Spirits," Feng Lingyuan said after giving it some thought.

The others had no objections to her proposal.

Everyone set off immediately. Resonant power surged up one after another. They kept to their formation and remained vigilant as they slowly walked towards the silent palaces.


When Li Luo and the rest began to move, numerous figures with coffins on their backs emerged from the shadows of one of the halls.


All the Black Coffin Carriers were looking at a strange creature in the middle of the hall. It was muscular and tall and its body was blood-red. It seemed like a giant that had been stripped of its skin. b.l.o.o.d.y flesh lumps kept popping up, and painful, aggrieved faces surfaced on them.

A white spinal cord pierced out of its body and curved up like the tail of a scorpion.

Its face was also unusually terrifying. From its appearance, one could faintly recognize that he was the Blood Coffin Carrier.

In the end, he had managed to escape with half of the True Devil Egg.

The Blood Coffin Carrier was clearly unable to control himself at the moment. His eyes were clouded with wild murderous intent as he smashed his body against a pillar over and over again, trying to destroy it.

However, the other Black Coffin Carriers did not stop him.

After half an hour, the Blood Coffin Carrier finally regained some form of sanity. He gave a hoa.r.s.e cough as his b.l.o.o.d.y eyes looked towards the shadow in front. He asked with a vicious voice, "Have you been hiding there whilst mocking me secretly?!"

Soft footsteps rang out and then a slender figure emerged.

She was grasping onto an aquamarine staff and half of her face was covered with a mask. Under the mask, only her eyes could be seen, which were so icy that one look sent chills up one's spine.

"Looking at your current state, you'll lose control of yourself pretty soon," she said while staring at the Blood Coffin Carrier.

"Aquamarine Python! It's all your fault! If you hadn't taken half of my men, I would have finished off those brats long ago. I would never have become like this! With just half of the True Devil Egg as well!" the Blood Coffin Carrier yelled angrily. He glared at her with eyes full of murderous intent.

"At least I've managed to snag half of a True Devil Egg. What about you? You're still empty-handed!"

Hearing this, Aquamarine Python casually replied, "I simply met a monster. Luckily, the one who encountered her was me. If it were you, you'd have been finished off by her."

The Blood Coffin Carrier felt incredibly infuriated. However, he suppressed his fury and roared back, "Aquamarine Python, bring your men and come along with me! I want to s.n.a.t.c.h back the other half of the True Devil Egg! I am going to tear that little brat Li Luo apart!"

Originally, Aquamarine Python could not be bothered with him. However, a light flashed across her eyes as soon as she heard the last sentence of the Blood Coffin Carrier's rant. She quietly asked, "The other half of the True Devil Egg is with a student named Li Luo?"

"Yes! That b.a.s.t.a.r.d is only at the Heavenly Pearl Tier! How dare he ruin my plan! If not for him, I wouldn't be in such a pathetic state right now!!" the Blood Coffin Carrier howled.

"Aquamarine Python, if you help me, there will be a seat saved for you amongst the Murderous Ghost Horde!"

The eyes under the mask were filled with a heart-stopping coldness. She held onto her staff with her slender fingers and sensed the chill emanating from it before she stared at the Blood Coffin Carrier and asked, "Can you find him?"

"I have the other half of the True Devil Egg in my body. I can roughly sense his location. He has already entered the All-Beings Palace. There is no escape for him now!" the Blood Coffin Carrier said with a vicious laugh.

Aquamarine Python lightly tapped the floor with her staff. Her eyes slowly calmed down and she nodded slightly. "Okay."

The Blood Coffin Carrier found it strange that she had actually agreed to help. Originally, he thought he would have to promise her more things, but since she had agreed so readily, he felt a hint of suspicion.

"Aquamarine Python, let me warn you. This True Devil Egg is mine. When we s.n.a.t.c.h it back, I am not going to give you any of it!" he warned sternly.

The red lips under the Aquamarine Python mask curled a little, forming an indescribable smile.

Then she nodded.

"Alright, I will follow you to find him."

Li Luo, Feng Lingyuan, and group leapt across the hallways with speed. However, they were unable to jump too high as an indescribable pressure would push them down once they reached a certain height.

Perhaps the real All-Beings Palace was the actual residence of the All-Beings Devil King. In the land of a King, there would be a special set of rules to abide by.

Even a Duke expert would have to carefully watch their step in such a place. No one would dare to flagrantly soar across the hallways so disrespectfully.

Although Li Luo and the group were simply in a projection of the All-Beings Palace, it was more than powerful enough to suppress the students who weren't even Dukes yet.

Li Luo was at the center of their formation. He was surrounded by elite students like Feng Lingyuan, Yue Zhiyu, Duan Mu, and Wei Chonglou. With such a formation, they were clearly remaining vigilant around him. However, this was to be expected as he had that strange and terrifying cursed arm. No one could let their guards down.

He could understand their concerns, and he knew very well that the corruption within his cursed arm was only being suppressed for now. If there was any sign of weakness, the cursed arm would start to devour him and invade his spirit once again.

"I have to get rid of this d.a.m.n thing as soon as possible."