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Absolute Resonance Chapter 1142 - 2

Absolute Resonance Chapter 1142 - 2

Simultaneously, the Heavenly Pearls behind his back rotated madly forming a sight that resembled a dazzling halo.

The three resonant palaces roared to life in tandem as violent sparks jumped wildly across his blade. The mark of dual resonance power also appeared as his blade slashed down and the void tore open.

Endless thunderclaps could be heard coming out from within. A huge dragon head slowly emerged. It was majestic and ferocious, with lightning flowing between its sharp fangs and claws.

This was the...

Heavenly Judgment's Silver Dragon Banner!

In his currently nearly perfect state, Li Luo had finally mastered this Duke Art. As he was at the edge of breaking through, it contained an immense amount of resonant power that far surpa.s.sed any previous times.

The Thunder Dragon and blade energy fused together. In the next moment, it clashed against the incoming Evil Spirit.

The shockwaves were so strong that some of the Greater Heavenly Resonance students nearby looked over in surprise.

Under their gazes, Li Luo directly confronted that elite Evil Spirit.


The ground cracked open at their point of confrontation.

The wild energy shockwaves directly eradicated some of the Others nearby.

The elite Evil Spirit maintained its pace of charging forward. However, cracks filled with lightning energy emerged on its body after a dozen more steps. The lightning crackled once again and the body of the Evil Spirit exploded.

All the other students had their eyes widened in disbelief.

Zong Sha, Lu Jinci and the group took in a deep breath. That elite Evil Spirit that they couldn't take down together was slain by Li Luo in a single slash.

After staring in disbelief, Jiang Wanyu was the only one whose eyes turned into admiration.

In the next moment, she noticed that he placed his blade down. The brilliant heavenly pearls began to rotate wildly...

One pearl... three pearls... five pearls... eight pearls...

Jiang Wanyu's eyes paused at the spot beside the eighth heavenly pearl.

Over there, there was another glaring heavenly pearl. It quietly rotated.

This heavenly pearl was clearly many times stronger than the others.

Because... It was the ninth heavenly pearl.

The Pinnacle of the Heavenly Pearl stage, Nine Heavenly Pearls!

Li Luo had finally completed his breakthrough.