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Absolute Resonance Chapter 1195: Flaunting his Fiancee

Absolute Resonance Chapter 1195: Flaunting his Fiancee

Li Luo cheerfully congratulated her. This was the first time he had seen anyone increase their resonance grade to the lower ninth-grade. Without a doubt, Li Hongyou must have been working very hard for years to accomplish this. Her Crimson Heart Vermilion Fruit resonance was a quasi ninth-grade when she first awakened it. This combined with her effort over the years had helped to slowly build up the foundation. Unfortunately, the gap she had to cross was so big that she needed the right opportunity. Her success was also due to the quasi ninth-grade purifying light she had received from Li Luo. Of course, it wouldn't have been possible without all her hard work. If she hadn't been working on it for years, not even a real ninth-grade spirit liquid would have made a difference.

Li Hongyou was overjoyed. Although quasi ninth-grade and lower ninth-grade only had slightly different names, there was a significant upgrade to her potential. This would be critical when she broke into the Duke Stage in the future.

Besides, her Crimson Heart Vermilion Fruit resonance was a support resonance. With this evolution, she would be able to provide an even bigger boost.

"Junior Li Luo, thank you so much." A bright smile appeared on Li Hongyou's charming face. Although Li Luo's actions were largely driven by the value he had placed on her special resonance, it still required an incredible amount of trust for him to go to such lengths for her. This wasn't something that most people would be willing to do.

In fact, a quasi ninth-grade purifying light would have been really helpful for Li Luo too. Nonetheless, he had still decided to give it to her.

Li Hongyou was really grateful for this.

"Senior Hongyou, your lower ninth-grade Crimson Heart Vermilion Fruit resonance must be one in a million even amongst the talented members of the Dragon's Fang Guardians. I wonder how many squads will be fighting over you once you join," Li Luo said with a grin.

Li Hongyou smiled back lightly. "No matter who's vying for me, I will only choose you."

At this point, the two Dukes who were escorting Li Luo looked at each other in surprise. From her cultivation earlier, they had already noticed that the beautiful lady with long, crimson hair was trying to evolve her resonance to the ninth-grade.

Her resonance gave off a unique fragrance that invigorated anyone who took in a breath of it. This was clearly some kind of rare and treasured ability.

With such a special support resonance, coupled with the fact that it had reached the lower ninth-grade, she was a talent that even Heavenly Emperor powers like the Bloodline of Heavenly Emperor Li would love to have.

So, their Third Young Master had discovered such a treasure after spending just a few months in the Heavenly Origin Ancient College?

Impressive indeed.

As they looked at each other in surprise, multiple beams of light shot over from a city in the distance. The people from the city had sensed the strong pulses of energy and had sent their elites over to check it out.

However, Li Luo was not bothered by it. He waved his hand, and the two bodyguards walked over to explain things. They were currently at the borders of the Dragon's Fang Lineage. This was their turf, so there was nothing to fear.

The two bodyguards walked up and soon, the curious gazes from the other experts retreated. When they learned that the Third Young Master of the Dragon's Fang Lineage was on the s.h.i.+p, they cupped their hands together as a form of respect before stepping back.

Li Luo continued speeding ahead to the Dragon's Fang Mountain Range.

After half a day, the majestic mountain range that represented the cornerstone of the Dragon's Fang Lineage appeared in their view.

There was a giant light formation faintly glowing over the mountain range, and numerous peaks peered over the clouds. Countless rows of green-tiled buildings could be spotted on them.

There was also a terrifying energy pressure in the region. This was the foundation the Dragon's Fang Lineage was built upon.

Numerous airs.h.i.+ps flew in and out of the area. It was a bustling and active place. Li Luo's airs.h.i.+p did not stop for a single second; it continued to fly across the sky even as numerous curious gazes watched from below.

"Sister Qing'e, this is Dragon's Fang Mountain. It is the headquarters of the Dragon's Fang Lineage," Li Luo explained.

Jiang Qing'e looked across the mountain range and asked softly, "Is this where Master grew up?"

Li Luo nodded with a smile. Then he instructed the airs.h.i.+p to land on a platform nearby. As soon as they landed, Li Luo spotted a few familiar faces.

His eyes swept across the field, and he saw Eldest Uncle Li Qingpeng, Second Uncle Li Jinpan, Ox Biaobiao, as well as Li Rouyun.

They had specially come over after hearing of his return.

Li Luo quickly jumped down from the airs.h.i.+p and greeted everyone.

"Eldest Uncle, Second Uncle, sorry for making you wait here," Li Luo said with a smile. It had been close to half a year since he had left, and it was really great to see everyone again.

Li Qingpeng patted Li Luo's shoulders with a warm and friendly smile. After seeing that there was no problem with his nephew, he grinned and said, "Kid, what took you so long? Did you know that your grandfather sent orders to me on three occasions, asking me to head over to Heavenly Origin Ancient College and bring you back? Luckily, I managed to talk him out of it."

Li Jinpan added, "The Respected Elder really dotes on you. It's nothing for a young man to leave and train for a few months, right? I used to leave for years in the past, and he never even asked about what happened to me."

Hearing this, Li Qingpeng could not help but laugh. "Hey, are you jealous of the concern he has for Li Luo?"

Li Luo was also very touched. He knew that Li Jingzhe was truly worried about him.

"I apologize for making everyone worry."

Li Luo spoke sincerely to them. Then he looked over to Ox Biaobiao and Li Rouyun with a smile. "Uncle Biao, Aunt Yun, how've you been? Without me in the way, the two of you must have stuck to each other like glue, huh?"

Hearing his playful words, Ox Biaobiao’s stern face lit up with a smile. Li Rouyun's face, on the other hand, turned a little red as she replied, "I do not have such time for leisure. After all, you, the Green Nether Hall's Hall Master, left without a word. All the work was left for me to clear. I almost didn't have the time left for my own cultivation."

"Thank you for your hard work, Aunt Yun."

Li Luo cupped his hands together politely. Afterwards, he turned towards Ox Biaobiao with a grin and asked, "Uncle Biao, guess who I brought back with me?"

Ox Biaobiao was a little surprised and shook his head.

"Uncle Biao, it's been a long time."

Before Li Luo could say anything else, Jiang Qing'e's clear voice came out with a hint of joy. She jumped down from the airs.h.i.+p and landed beside Li Luo.

Ox Biaobiao looked at her with eyes wide open. He asked in shock, "Qing'e?! Weren't you at the Hallowed Coruscation Ancient College? Why're you here?"

Jiang Qing'e smiled lightly and replied, "I happened to meet Li Luo during a mission, so I've returned with him."

"Have you recovered?" Ox Biaobiao asked in a hurry as he recalled what had happened to her.

Jiang Qing'e nodded.

"That's great! That's wonderful! It's a cause for celebration!" Ox Biaobiao heaved a sigh of relief, and a smile surfaced on his oily, aged face.

Jiang Qing'e had been forced to leave for Hallowed Coruscation Ancient College in order to treat the sacrificial ignition of her Heart of Light. This had always been something that had weighed down on Ox Biaobiao's heart. After all, Li Taixuan and Tan Tailan had instructed him to look after the children before they left. If something were to happen to Jiang Qing'e, he would not know how to answer them.

He had heard no news about her ever since she had left. As such, he had always been worried about her.

Now that she was standing safely in front of him, he could finally place this burden down.

After Jiang Qing'e and Ox Biaobiao greeted each other, Li Luo also noticed the curious gazes coming from Li Qingpeng and Li Jinpan. The two of them had clearly noticed that his relations.h.i.+p with this girl was special.

However, Li Luo spoke up with a grin before they could ask. "Eldest Uncle, Second Uncle, this lady here is Jiang Qing'e. I previously mentioned... that I had a fiancee. Her appearance and talent are nothing to brag about, but I love her regardless."

Li Jinpan and Li Qingpeng were stunned by the news. "You really did have a fiancee?"

They had always thought that that was just an excuse Li Luo had made up.

Li Jinpan took a look at Jiang Qing'e, and his eyes lit up. He said with a smile, "What a charming beauty. Nothing to brag about? You must be asking for a beating." Jiang Qing'e had also come from an outer divine continent, where resources were scarce compared to the inner divine continents. He a.s.sumed Li Luo had brought her back here to provide a suitable cultivation ground for her.

Li Qingpeng laughed out loud. Perhaps Li Luo was referring to her talent when he said there was nothing special?

After all, the elites from the outer divine continent paled in comparison to those in the inner divine continent. Li Qingpeng was not looking down on her. He quietly pondered over how he ought to treat Li Luo's fiancee. Maybe it was appropriate to prepare a welcome gift for her to show how much the Dragon's Fang Lineage valued her?

Regardless, she was beautiful enough to capture anyone's heart, even though her talent was a little lacking.

As the two of them were thinking about how to respond appropriately, Li Luo continued his introduction lightheartedly.

"Eldest Uncle, Second Uncle, Sister Qing'e has just entered the Duke Stage. She has triple ninth-grade light resonances with a Ten-Pillar Duke Bergfried. I guess you can say she's barely good enough for me."

"Watch your words, kid. How can you say a lady is barely good enough for you?" The two of them told him off in a hurry without understanding the implications of what he had just said.