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Absolute Resonance Chapter 81 - The Festival Begins

Absolute Resonance Chapter 81 - The Festival Begins

Chapter 81: The Festival Begins

As Li Luo methodically filled up the holes on the Acquired Resonance G.o.dly Forging Wheel, another half a month of holidays pa.s.sed.

But in this half a month, Li Luo’s resonant power did not reach the Tenth Seal level. He was still at the Ninth Seal. Evidently, progress slowed as one climbed. Previously, he had been helped by the aid of the skygold room, not to mention he had kept up his studies despite his blank palaces. That had helped him to accrue some latent potential.

But now all that was spent. His cultivation speed had returned to normal.

Also, now that the examinations had been over for a month, the excitement was finally dying down. Now the Tianshu citizens were turning their attention to another major event on the horizon.

The Festival of Purifying Spirits.

In this world of resonances, the importance of resonances could not be overstated. They determined one’s cultivation. They determined everything.

And spirit liquids and purifying lights could improve one’s resonance grade. They were consumables that could not be missed out on. Therefore, anything that concerned these liquids and lights would always attract attention.

After all, the examinations were mere entertainment for those not involved. Spirit liquids and purifying lights, however, affected every single person’s own abilities!

The Festival of Purifying Spirits would attract all of the villas across the Tianshu Province. They would send their finest resonance artificers to fight for the t.i.tle of Artificer Prime. Having the Prime would greatly improve the reputation of the villa, and affect its market share.

The profits at stake were enormous.

All of the villas in the Tianshu Province had started preparations long ago, including House Luolans’ Suncreek Villa.

The venue of the festival was one of the arenas in the City of Southwind.

Li Luo arrived with Cai Wei, and he was surprised by the number of people. “It’s really crowded,” he remarked.

“The festival has already been underway for three days. But so far it has been just a product exhibit. The real show starts today,” Cai Wei replied.

“How is Sister Lingqing doing?” Li Luo asked.

“No idea. She was buried in her books for a long time, and I didn’t dare to disturb her. But she’s already here. You can ask her yourself.” Cai Wei shrugged.

Li Luo nodded. The two walked towards the area that the Suncreek Villa had been allocated. They found Yan Lingqing leaning on the rail and looking towards the center, where a refining platform was being a.s.sembled. Evidently, the tempering contest today would be held there.

“Seems like Sister Lingqing is really serious about today,” Li Luo called out.

Yan Lingqing propped up her silver-rimmed spectacles. “I don’t mind losing to anyone besides Song Qiuyu,” she said mildly.

“And are you confident?” Li Luo asked.

Yan Lingqing fell silent. “Both Song Qiuyu and I are fourth-grade resonance artificers. We should be pretty evenly matched. I’ve chosen a fourth-grade spirit liquid that I’m most familiar with. I can consistently produce it at about 58% to 60%. And as far as I know, the fourth-grade liquids and lights that Song Qiuyu has produced so far are just a little behind that.

“If nothing has changed drastically, my chances of victory are slightly higher.

“But the Song family is working with THE Inkwater Villa now,” Cai Wei chimed in doubtfully. “They’re going all out. Would they prepare something special…”

She looked around them carefully. “Do you think Song Qiuyu will bring out a fifth-grade liquid or light?”

“Impossible!” Yan Lingqing immediately replied. “I have only barely grasped the basics of a fifth-grade resonance artificer, and all my attempts to temper a fifth-grade spirit liquid have resulted in failure. How could Song Qiuyu achieve it?”

Seeing her so resolute, Cai Wei desisted. After all, Yan Lingqing was the expert in spirit liquids and purifying lights. She knew her field best.

Li Luo smiled. “It seems like everyone can bring an a.s.sistant when tempering. Have you chosen yours, Sister Lingqing?”

She turned her beautiful eyes to him. “You don’t trust me?”

“I’m just concerned,” Li Luo replied sincerely. “I don’t really mind if Sister Lingqing wins or loses. Even if you lose, I don’t think a swing in reputation will affect the quality of the Suncreek Villa’s spirit liquids. There really isn’t a need to feel too pressured.”

Her look softened. “I’m not pressured,” she replied out of habit.

But as she turned away, she looked back, lifting her sharp chin ever so slightly. “But if you want to be my a.s.sistant, feel free to do so. You’re the Young Lord anyway. Not like I can control you.”

Li Luo grinned. Her aloof character was quite endearing.

After tying up the conversation, he went into the arena, planning to look around at other spirit liquids and purifying lights.

Cai Wei and Yan Lingqing watched him from the balcony. The former smiled. “Seems like our Young Lord has quite the tender side to him.”

Yan Lingqing sniffed. “Kids are meddlesome. Even if something really crops up, what can a second-grade resonance artificer do to save the situation?”

“Harsh words. I sensed you were moved back there though,” Cai Wei teased. 

“Huh!? I have fawners aplenty! You think those few words can move my stone heart? Do you know what my nickname was back in the Resonance Tempering Hall?

“Stone Hearted Maiden!” Yan Lingqing proudly puffed out her chest.

Cai Wei pulled a face. “What’s there to be proud of? Did you temper your brain into a spirit liquid by any chance?

“Besides… that pose doesn’t suit you.”

Yan Lingqing glared at her. Wicked vixen! How dare she make fun of her figure!

“I’ll get you!”

She reached out a naughty hand to tickle Cai Wei’s tummy and chest.

The two women squealed mischievously on the balcony, looking like a pair of young girls.

Not fortunate enough to see this, Li Luo was ambling around the arena aimlessly, browsing through the products of the various villas.

He was a second-grade resonance artificer after all. Being exposed to more products would broaden his understanding of spirit liquids and purifying lights.

He indeed learned quite a lot from his wanderings.

After quite some time, Li Luo finally decided to head back when he suddenly saw a familiar figure.

Lu Qing’er.

Today she was dressed in a fas.h.i.+onably pale green. Her short skirt was paired with white lace socks. Her lovely looks were complemented by the white parasol she was holding. She was constantly drawing looks from others.

However, there was a nasty fly hovering nauseatingly near her.

It was a familiar figure. Mo Ling, who they had clashed with back at the Tower Qingfeng.

This guy was a real playboy. Despite his obvious intentions towards Song Qiuyu, he was still flirting.

He was standing by her side, smiling happily as he tried to chat her up. Lu Qing’er was keeping her expression under control, but Li Luo knew that her lack of expression indicated that she was irritated.

He snuck up on them and whispered.

“Selling flyswatters. 5,000 skygold apiece.”