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Absolute Resonance Chapter 241 - May Fear Be Gone

Absolute Resonance Chapter 241 - May Fear Be Gone

Chapter 241: May Fear Be Gone

“We will be placed into the outer periphery of the Umbra Cave. In the zone, there are purified spots that the school has painstakingly carved out. We will be sent to the nearest purified spot according to the number on our Greenwood Comforters.

“There will also be many other squads nearby. Our combined job is to clear the area around our purified spot.”

In the noisy courtyard, they were huddled together, Jiang Qing’e patiently explaining the plan to the newcomers.

Li Luo’s squad took out their greenwood plaques, spotting “13” in the corners.

“There are also purification towers in the zone, with purification runes carved all over them. But because of the corrupting influence, the power in the runes has been completely spent. We need to use the purification dust that the school gives us to refresh these runes and bring the tower back to life.

“Once the towers are re-energized, the purifying light will gradually cleanse the entire area.”

The newcomers listened with rapt attention. Finally, the great mystery of the Umbra Cave was becoming clearer to them.

“Sounds… easy enough?” Li Luo said.

Tian Tian laughed from the side. Her arms were crossed, her generous curves not fully hidden by her baggy clothing. “While re-energizing the tower, the purifying energy triggers the Others. They will come swarming to the tower.

“Which means,” she said, leaning in, “we will be completely surrounded on all sides by Others. No room for error. Either we successfully get the tower running and cull the Others, or we die, overwhelmed by the horde.”

Li Luo bit his tongue.

“Since the school has done so much preparation within the Umbra Cave, why not just leave it permanently open and maintain the purification towers?” he asked.

From what Jiang Qing’e had explained, it seemed like these purification towers were rather effective. Why bother shutting it away and giving the corruption time to rea.s.sert itself?

“Because of the dark tide. Every once in a while, a dark tide will form in the depths of the Umbra Cave. It’s a black hole of evil energy that spills over from the shadow world, a terror beyond imagining.

“Even Dukes have to be careful when the dark tide is in effect. That’s why the purgings have always been back and forth. When the dark tide comes, we have to back off, but that wipes out the purification towers. We have to wait for it to recede, then we move in to reactivate the towers. Otherwise, the darkness will take hold and sp.a.w.n even more Others. In the end, they will grow strong enough to breach our world.” 

Li Luo’s respect for the shadow world was growing healthier and healthier by the moment. It had looked like a puny, little gap in the tree, but it demanded all of the Astral Sage College’s strength to hold at bay.

He gave up asking about permanent solutions to the Umbra Cave… Clearly, they lacked any such strength.

Qiu Bai and Tian Tian were looking curiously at the patiently explaining Jiang Qing’e. It was a side of their leader they rarely saw.

She was not the kind who liked long conversations. Anyone else in Li Luo’s position would have received zero words from her.

Soft spots.

Which was strange for them. Did Jiang Qing’e really think of herself as Li Luo’s future wife?

What manner of sorcery did Li Luo possess?

Soon enough, time pa.s.sed, and the evening sun was a red orb low in the sky, its rays a mellow warmth ready to bow gracefully away to the coolness of the night.


A low gong that startled the students sounded.

They looked over to see the huge, greenwood doors rumble slightly, an eerie howl behind them.

As though something was rattling it from the other side.

The experienced students took it more calmly, but some of the newcomers were freaking out.

Be that as it may, one of the runic patterns on the doors began to glow with a dim light, and soon the shuddering subsided.

“It’s just the sounds of the Violet Vibrance mentors coming into contact with the stronger Others,” Jiang Qing’e said calmly.

“Although, this means it’s about time for us to go in.”

Right on cue, a mentor called out, “All students, standby.

“Four Star Hall students and Gold Gleam mentors, enter first!”

The already-prepared wave of students and mentors made a final check on their weapons and then stampeded in.

“May fear be gone.”

“May we live long.”

The quiet chorus of voices affirmed their unshakable belief, and like a coordinated army, they marched through the greenwood doors as one.

The newcomers were awed into silence. Even through this, they could tell the difference between the seniors and themselves.

Not just in strength, but in sheer belief and willpower.

After four years at the Astral Sage College, they had already gotten used to the dangers of the Umbra Cave and had even developed some basic defenses against the Others.

No wonder these Four Star Hall students often regarded them with disdain and amus.e.m.e.nt. What they had gone through was way beyond what the newcomers had ever seen before.

Li Luo was equally awed. The Astral Sage College’s strength did not just lie in the teachers. They had the best of the new generation as well.

He was suddenly struck by how broken House Luolan was in comparison.

“That’s the battle chant of the Academic Federation. It’s been pa.s.sed down through generations, and is meant to strengthen our faith,” Jiang Qing’e said. “The Gold Gleam mentors and Four Star Hall students will comb for stronger stragglers. They also act as roaming reinforcements to deal with emergencies.”

The march to go inside lasted for a full hour.

An hour later, the last Four Star Hall student finally disappeared through the door, and Jiang Qing’e was first on her feet immediately. Long legs standing firm under her battle skirt, and high shoes on her feet.

Alongside was the navy shawl that she always wore, that added just the right touch of queenly charisma. She was by far the most arresting sight among the Three Star students.

She hefted her heavy sword, swinging it effortlessly.


“May fear be gone.

“May we live long.”

Her voice rang out clear and calm, and the Three Star students heeded her clarion call as one, calling out the chant after her.

“May fear be gone.”

“May we live long.”

The navy shawl fluttered like a queen’s mantle, and she led Qiu Bai, Tian Tian, and Li Luo’s team forward.

Behind her, the rest of the Three, Two Star Hall students.

Soon, the doors were looming before their eyes, and the crack opened, swallowing all light from outside.

Jiang Qing’e c.o.c.ked her head, looking back once at Li Luo. Their eyes met, then they stepped forward as one.

Together they stepped through the light into darkness, into the yawning gloom and whatever threat awaited them.