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Absolute Resonance Chapter 268 - Decisions

Absolute Resonance Chapter 268 - Decisions

Chapter 268: Decisions

No one challenged Jiang Qing’e’s decision. If they really came across a Heavenly Disaster Cla.s.s Other, they would be doomed.

Heavy injuries at best, death at the worst.

Others of that level were way beyond their league, and they knew it.

Of course, choosing to retreat meant that they would be giving up on the level three purification tower at the end of their planned route. The loss of points was significant.

Still, points could be earned in other ways, life could not.

Perhaps if it had been just the Black Swan Squad, Jiang Qing’e might have chosen a riskier path. But they had the Fairness & Justice Squad with them now.

Against something that strong, Li Luo’s squad would be nothing more than a burden, plain and simple.

Their decision made, they headed back the moment Qiu Bai was fully recovered, making a beeline for the purified spot.

However, while they had made their decision, another squad nearby had made a different decision.


In front of a purification tower.

Duze Honglian’s long hair was a mess, but she simply swept it tiredly out of her face and turned to regard her team at the purification tower.

One of her group members was hung up on the purification tower, the vestiges of a manic smile still on their face, and the signature lip wounds still bleeding.

A member of Ye Qiuding’s squad had fallen to the corrupting illusion realm, infected by the seed of corruption. He had suddenly sprung on them from behind, and they had scrambled to deal with it. Luckily, this person wasn’t too strong, and she had managed to subdue the corrupted member quickly.

“Senior Honglian, something’s fishy. That corrupting illusion realm was too strong,” Ye Qiuding said grimly.

Duze Honglian nodded. “At least a Disaster Cla.s.s. Maybe even Heavenly Disaster Cla.s.s.”

There was a note of concern in her voice. Why would such a strong Other be in the outer perimeter of the Umbra Cave?

“Should we stop the mission?” Ye Qiuding said hesitantly. A Heavenly Disaster Cla.s.s enemy was more than they could handle.

Duze Honglian was silent for a beat. “Something that strong is probably cannibalizing everything in its way. Which means… If we can push forward, the level two purification towers ahead are likely all completely clear. A bit of risk could get us those towers for free. That’s a whole bunch of free school points just begging to be swept up!”

Ye Qiuding’s jaw dropped. “We’re not stopping?”

The others turned to stare at her as well.

“If we want to win first place, we have to take some risks,” Duze Honglian said firmly. “I have a good plan. We can push ahead cautiously. If that thing has really cleared the way ahead, we can reactivate the purification tower.

“I have a good guess that the Other is deep within the Umbra Cave. It’s probably headed for the level three purification tower, where there are stronger Others to cannibalize, those of a similar Disaster Cla.s.s.

“And… if they are weakened because of their fight, that’s our chance, isn’t it? Have you all thought about how many points that is?” The others looked tempted.

They had gotten this current level two purification tower for free. If not for the corruption turning their team member, they would have been completely unscathed.

And if the other level two towers ahead were just as smooth, it would be easy points.

Still, the risk was there.

If they did meet the Heavenly Disaster Cla.s.s Other, they would pay a heavy price indeed.

Ye Qiuding was still doubtful. Tempted as he was by the points, the horror of the grinning face was still foremost and fresh in his mind.

“Don’t you want to win this purging mission?” Duze Honglian pressed. “If our risk pays off, Jiang Qing’e will be left far in the dust.

“She’ll regret not choosing you.”

Ye Qiuding’s face twitched at that. A somber resolve took hold, and he nodded with sudden vehemence.

“Let’s do this. But if things don’t look good, I hope we can retreat without hesitating.”

“Of course,” Duze Honglian said, clapping her hands together with finality. “I don’t want to meet that thing either. We’re just following its trail. It can eat the Others, we’re just there for the tower. To each their own.”

Decision made, they waited for their teammate to recover, then they headed onwards.

Tempted as they were by the points, they still proceeded with extreme caution, and that compromised their pace.

They took most of the day to reach the next level two purification tower.

As they warily approached, they were delighted to find that Duze Honglian’s prediction had been spot on. The purification tower was deserted!

Another easy reactivation, and now their spirits were buoyant from their success.

A free meal was always a great feeling.

“We’re close to the level three purification tower…” Duze Honglian said, eyes alight. “Shall we press on?”

“If the grinning thing is there, it’s probably fighting other strong Others. We might have a chance to sneak in and clean up. A level three purification tower! Just like that!”

Her predictions had been accurate so far, and the others were swayed. A level three purification tower for free?! Too tempting to pa.s.s up on.

“Let’s just go take a look. If things look bad, we can always run for it,” she promised them.

They nodded, then they set off eagerly.

A long time later, they had made their cautious way to the top of a mountain. The blanket of mist ahead was oppressive.

A white tower was poking out of it, breaking the monotonous landscape of grey.

The level three purification tower.

“It’s very quiet. No sound, no movement,” Duze Honglian observed, her eyes alight with satisfaction. Just as they had encountered at the level two purification tower before.

Did that mean that this level three purification tower was also cleaned out already?

Served up on a silver platter?

They roused themselves and got ready to move out. “Wait!” Duze Honglian suddenly shouted, sensing something.

They all paused.

Her face was bloodless as she pointed one shaking finger in the sky ahead.

The mist was darkening from a stony grey to a dark obsidian in color, and it was moving. Curling upwards like smoke, curling up into… a grin.

Grinning right at them.