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Absolute Resonance Chapter 1111: Evil Spirit

Absolute Resonance Chapter 1111: Evil Spirit

The gray-white pieces of skin fell down like snow with a cold and eerie aura. As soon as it touched one's skin, it dug its roots into the skin directly and decayed the flesh. It spread like a virus.

Resonant power exploded out of everyone as they s.h.i.+elded their bodies, destroying the skin flakes with the resonant power before they could land on their skin.

Li Luo clenched his fist, and the Dragon Elephant Blade materialized in his hands instantly. He looked at the Human Skin Others falling from the sky. They floated about like kites, their twisted faces letting out ferocious and sharp hisses.

Feng Lingyuan watched the falling human skin Others with cold eyes. She could tell that these Others possessed Heavenly Pearl Stage strength. Therefore, she instructed Li Luo, Zong Sha, and the rest before she stretched out her slender arms, "Protect the lower hall students!"

Grayish-black resonant power shot out of her fingertips. It looked as though it was formed from the condensation of countless light rays. As soon as they shot out, they weaved into shadows of hawks and falcons, swooping down on all the falling Others across the sky.

The human skin Others screamed and appeared to be struggling from the looks on their twisted faces. They then spewed white flames from their pitch-black mouths that spread like wildfire as soon as they came into contact with the skin flakes. The result was an inferno that blanketed the skies.

However, the sea of white flames was not burning hot, but extremely cold and eerie. When the sea of flames clashed with the shadow hawks and falcons, it swiftly incinerated them.

However, Feng Lingyuan was rank two in the Heavenly Star Hall of the Heavenly Origin Ancient College, an expert at the Greater Heavenly Resonance Tier. How could her plan to eradicate Heavenly Pearl Others be so easily neutralized?

When the hawks and falcons were burnt to ashes, the black light within them began to change. In the next moment, countless grayish-black sword lights flew out of the sea of flames. In the blink of an eye, they pierced through the faces of the Human Skin Others.

A shrill cry could be heard in the air.

The Human Skin Others quickly shriveled up.

After a short while, countless Lesser Heavenly Disaster-cla.s.s Others were eradicated. Zong Sha, Lu Jinci, and the others could not help but gasp at her efficiency. Feng Lingyuan had cleanly finished off the Others. Her eyes turned towards the other side of the small town. A strong energy shockwave had originated from that location.

"Other squads are here too. We must destroy the Devil Heart Pillar before them!" Feng Lingyuan shouted to Li Luo and the group.

Li Luo and the rest were surprised to hear this. Resonant power surged within them as they dashed towards the Devil Heart Pillar that was in the center of the town.

Others continued to appear on their way there. However, rays of grayish-black light shot out from the shadows around them as soon as soon as they attmepted to attack. The shadows turned into sharp claws and tore them apart immediately.

Without a doubt, this was Feng Lingyuan helping them out.

Li Luo was shocked to see the incredible speed at which Feng Lingyuan dispatched the Others. This was mainly due to the unique resonance she possessed. The Shadow Puppet resonance was primarily of the shadow element. Li Luo had seen such a resonance on Xin Fu before. However, there was gigantic difference in the way she used her resonance.

Their journey proceeded smoothly with Feng Lingyuan's a.s.sistance.

Gradually, the strange, white pillar that stood hundreds of feet tall became clearer and clearer to them as they made their way to the center of the town.

At the same time, Li Luo and the group saw another squad rus.h.i.+ng towards the Devil Heart Pillar. It seemed like everyone was in a race to destroy the Devil Heart Pillar first.

Fortunately, the strength of the other team leader was below that of Feng Lingyuan, and as a result, they were bogged down by the Others, unable to clear the path as quickly..

"Be careful!" Feng Lingyuan suddenly cried as they were rus.h.i.+ng over to the Devil Heart Pillar. She stopped in her tracks, and her eyes were focused on the scene before her.

Li Luo and the others glanced over immediately too. Blood-red, gooey liquid was flowing out in a desolate patch of land in front of them.

Li Luo became vigilant as soon as he saw it. He could sense a thick aura of corruption emanating from it that was much stronger than the Others from earlier.

Faint humanoid figures could be seen struggling in the liquid as it wriggled on the ground. Slowly, something arose from the goo.

It was six figures that resemble humans. They each had the physical shape of a human, but their bodies were blood-red, as if they had their skin completely torn off. They were faceless as well; instead of facial features, a terrifying red character that spelled out the word "evil" covered the fronts of their heads.

Each word seemed to have a life of its own as they slowly squirmed about. As the strokes s.h.i.+fted, it looked as though the creatures were making various expressions that resembled the expressions of a human. It was an extremely frightening sight.

Everyone's faces changed as soon as they saw them. Zong Sha and the rest said in shock, "Are these Evil Spirits?!"

Li Luo's heart shook a little. They had learned a lot about the All-Being Ghostly Skin Dominion earlier. It was said that there was an elite group under the All-Beings Devil King known as the Evil Spirit Horde. Each Evil Spirit had the strength of a Lesser Heavenly Resonance Tier cultivator, so they were not to be underestimated.

Right now, there were six such beings in front of them.

Not even Li Luo would dare to let his guard down in front of such opponents. He had to give it his all.

Moreover, there were six of them right now. This was extremely troublesome.

"Li Luo, you all should head over to destroy the pillar. I'll handle the Evil Spirits," Feng Lingyuan told him calmly.

They were already very close to the Devil Heart Pillar, and these things were surely the last obstacles in their path. Although taking on the six Evil Spirits would be extremely dangerous, Feng Lingyuan did not fear them as someone at the late stage of the Greater Heavenly Resonance Tier.

When Li Luo and the rest heard her words, they did not hesitate to dash away. Lu Ming, Jing Taixu, and Sun Dasheng stayed at their original positions, aiming to preserve their strength and to transfer their energy if required when the time came.

When the six Evil Spirits sensed what Li Luo's group was up to, three of them split up and attempted to stop them.

However, they soon came to a stop. There was a terrifying presence in the sky above them. Feng Lingyuan hovered in the air with a curtain of grayish-black clouds spreading out above her head.

Countless shadows danced in the grayish-black curtain, giving off an extremely dominating presence.

The worldly natural energy in their surroundings was roused, rapidly being absorbed into the giant curtain.

At the next moment, the curtain shook and grayish-black light rays fell down like torrential rain. They transformed into six giant hands and pressed down heavily on the six Evil Spirits.

The characters that spelled "evil" on the Evil Spirits' faces became a darker shade of red. They stretched out their skeletal fingers and ripped their faces apart. Blood spewed out of them, clas.h.i.+ng directly with the six giant hands that were attempting to suppress them.

A loud roar echoed out.

Li Luo looked over at the grayish-black curtain out of the corner of his eye. The picturesque sight made his heart waver slightly as he murmured to himself, "Is that the symbol of the Greater Heavenly Resonance Tier, the Heavenly Resonance Diagram?"

Nonetheless, he did not slow down. Feng Lingyuan was delaying the Evil Spirits, providing the rest of the team a perfect opportunity to destroy the pillar.

Their only problem now was the other four people charging towards the pillar too. This was another team, and their leader's strength was similar to Zong Sha's, around the Lesser Heavenly Resonance Tier.

Without a doubt, they were eyeing the merits.

Li Luo and the group were already within a thousand feet of the Thousand Skin Devil Heart Pillar. It seemed to be wrapped in countless layers of stiff human skin, which were covered in a mult.i.tude of blood-red runes, making for a sight that would make anyone's skin crawl.

Li Luo felt indescribably restless as he looked at the object he had to destroy.

"Junior Li Luo, let's do it!" Zong Sha said in a hurry when he saw the other team rus.h.i.+ng towards the pillar.

A light flashed in Li Luo's eyes. He lifted the Dragon Elephant Blade slightly. However, he did not slash down towards the Thousand Skin Devil Heart Pillar.

"Wait," he suddenly said.

Zong Sha and Lu Jinci were taken aback. If they slowed down even a tiny bit, the merit would be s.n.a.t.c.hed away by the other team... However, they had faith in Li Luo, so they followed his order.

The four individuals from the other team were elated to see them pause. They attacked the pillar without any hesitation. Huge and fearsome resonant power sailed through the air and landed directly on the Thousand Skin Devil Heart Pillar.


Resonant power explosions rang out in the air.

A deep scar appeared on the Thousand Skin Devil Heart Pillar, making it seem like the pillar was about to snap in half.

When the four saw what was happening, they summoned their resonant power once again, preparing to give it another strike.

At this juncture, the feeling of unease in Li Luo's heart grew even stronger. He pulled Lu Jinci and Zong Sha back in a hurry.

Zong Sha and Lu Jinci did not understand what was going on, but at the next moment, the hairs on their bodies suddenly stood on end. They saw a huge, blood-red face slowly crawling out of the crack on the pillar.

There were no facial features on its head, only a vicious and terrifying "evil" character engraved onto the front.

At the same time, an extremely terrifying amount of corruption burst outwards in every direction.

Zong Sha and Lu Jinci were at a loss for words.

"Greater Evil Spirit?!"