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Absolute Resonance Chapter 1144: Chaos Envelops the Battlefield

Absolute Resonance Chapter 1144: Chaos Envelops the Battlefield

When the two came into contact, an astonis.h.i.+ng energy explosion erupted. However, the crowd's faces quickly changed when the Emerald Buddha's Hand withered rapidly, incinerated by the flames.

In just a few seconds, Duan Mu's strongest art was turned to ashes.

The Blood Coffin Carrier slowly walked past the ashes towards Duan Mu with a chilly grin.

"Is this all you can do, geniuses of the ancient colleges?"

The Murderous Ghost Horde had made their appearance in the frenetic battlefield, causing the situation to descend into even greater chaos.

However, the chaos was not good news for the students. They had now become the joint targets of both the Murderous Ghost Horde and the Evil Spirits!

What was most surprising was that the Blood Coffin Carrier had demonstrated utterly surprising strength. Even the Heavenly Origin Ancient College's Duan Mu, who was ranked third, had been suppressed.

Based on the students' estimations, he could very well be on par with Wu Changkong! Duan Mu and the Blood Coffin Carrier's clash had been noticed by Feng Lingyuan, Yue Zhiyu, and w.a.n.g Kong. Their hearts sank as they understood that they had to regroup and rea.s.sess the situation.

"Feng Lingyuan, you and Wei Chonglou need to quickly a.s.sist Duan Mu to fend off that individual. The Greater Evil Spirits here will be dealt with by w.a.n.g Kong, Li Hongyou, and me!" Yue Zhiyu quickly shouted.

"Are you able to handle the situation with just the three of you?" Feng Lingyuan frowned. They were dealing with almost ten Greater Evil Spirits, so how could just the three of them pull off a win?

"It might be tricky, but we should be able to hold on."

Yue Zhiyu continued, "w.a.n.g Kong's defenses are robust, and he will hold on with all his strength, attracting the attacks of the Greater Evil Spirits. Li Hongyou and I will support him, and we should be able to block them for a period of time."

w.a.n.g Kong smiled bitterly when he heard her. Having to clash with ten-odd Greater Evil Spirits would be an arduous task, and if anything went wrong, he would be torn to pieces. The bright side was that with Li Hongyou's supportive capabilities, it was actually possible.

He understood that in the current situation, Duan Mu could not block off the Blood Coffin Carrier and would definitely require Feng Lingyuan and Wei Chonglou's reinforcement.

Feng Lingyuan sighed deeply and nodded.

"I'll leave it to you." Her figure flashed, transforming into a black shadow that rushed away.

Wei Chonglou did not say much either, gloomily following her.

As they retreated, many Greater Evil Spirits attempted to give chase, but w.a.n.g Kong jumped between them and blocked any chance of that.


w.a.n.g Kong bellowed loudly and his body expanded. The surface of his skin flowed with a grayish-white light that made him resemble a statue made of stone.

At the same time as this, mystical runes surfaced on his skin as well.

"Duke Art: Heavenly Stone Skin!

"Duke Art: Stone Dragon's Bones!"

w.a.n.g Kong immediately activated his two Duke Arts, which were both refinement arts that augmented his body. Although they were both only Communion-grade, he had reached the Grand Perfection Realm with both of them!

This was one of the reasons why w.a.n.g Kong had managed to attain his rank in the Hallowed Coruscation Ancient College.

He now resembled a stone giant with a heigh of several dozen feet. He stood at the forefront like the indomitable wall of a fortress, physically blocking the Greater Evil Spirits. Dense amounts of corruption surged forward like a wave, landing on the surface of his mighty body and leaving behind traces of corrosion.

This forced w.a.n.g Kong to retreat as he could feel that his resonant power and blood had turned cold.

Yue Zhiyu saw this and quickly took out a white crystal. She then activated her light resonant power, infusing it into the crystal. At the next moment, a sacred light spilled outwards and which landed on w.a.n.g Kong.

The sacred light encased him in a suit of heavy armor made out of light.

With the protection of this armor, the Greater Evil Spirits' corruption had a greatly diminished effect on w.a.n.g Kong.

Li Hongyou took action as well. She bit her fingertip, and majestic amounts of crimson resonant power surged outwards, forming an obscure but ancient seal in the air.

The seal was engraved with numerous gold runes that were constantly absorbing worldly natural energy.

This was the Crimson Heart Golden Seal, which she had used to support Li Luo earlier.

She pointed forward, and the Crimson Heart Golden Seal transformed into a stream of crimson light that landed on w.a.n.g Kong's body. Afterwards, his already herculean body began to strengthen yet again along with his resonant power.

The effect was not as grand as when Li Luo had received the boon, though it was not because Li Hongyou was holding anything back. It was simply because the gap between the two of them was too large and thus the effects were not as great.

That said, Yue Zhiyu and Li Hongyou's support allowed w.a.n.g Kong to gain much more confidence in his task. He directly blocked the ten-odd Greater Evil Spirits attacks.

Yue Zhiyu and Li Hongyou activated all their resonant power and also launched an a.s.sault of their own to help share the burden.

At the same time, Feng Lingyuan and Wei Chonglou had arrived by Duan Mu's side.

"Oh? Three at once?" The Blood Coffin Carrier's eyebrow raised when he saw the new additions.

"It looks like things will finally get interesting." Although his words sounded casual, the Blood Coffin Carrier's gaze had turned serious. The ancient colleges possessed a deep foundation and were no weaker than the Heavenly Emperor powers. These three were all elites from the ancient colleges, and even though he was not scared of one, three of them joining hands would pose a threat.

The Blood Coffin Carrier stretched his hand out and patted the coffin on his back. At the same time, more tentacles burst out and directly penetrated his flesh.

His upper clothes were ripped apart, revealing his crimson body. At the same time, the flesh on his arms split apart, and two blood-red eyeb.a.l.l.s surfaced.

Frightening amounts of icy energy blasted out from his body like a hurricane.

Feng Lingyuan, Wei Chonglou, and Duan Mu's eyes shrank.

"Hehe, the ancient colleges are far too pedantic. They treat the Others as mortal enemies, but they don't understand that the fusion of the two is truly the true way." The Blood Coffin Carrier's eyes quickly turned bloodshot and his smiling expression turned twisted and feral.

"Looking at you right now, do you even consider yourself human?" Feng Lingyuan coldly asked.

The Blood Coffin Carrier didn't seem to mind. "Only strength matters. Who cares about looks? Once I hack off your limbs, will you be any different from a squirming worm struggling on the ground?"

Feng Lingyuan no longer wasted her breath trying to speak with him. The trio exchanged looks before majestic amounts of resonant power were summoned up, soaring into the skies. Heavenly Resonance Diagrams materialized, immediately devouring worldly natural energy and channeling it into their wielders.

At the next moment, the trio explosively dashed forward and activated truly awe-inspiring Duke Arts, throwing them at the Blood Coffin Carrier with the intent to kill.

The Blood Coffin Carrier remained unfazed. His body trembled and the coffin on his back was now wielded as a ma.s.sive weapon. Gloomy energy twisted around it and was then directed at the trio.


The cataclysmic clash between Greater Heavenly Resonance Tier cultivators had started.

As the trio exchanged blows with the Blood Coffin Carrier, the Black Coffin Carriers stirred up the gloomy energy in their surroundings and entered the battlefield as well.

The ancient colleges' squads allocated a group of their Greater Heavenly Resonance Tier elites to fend them off.

Unfortunately, with the addition of the Murderous Ghost Horde, the students had been forced into a perilous situation and their offensive had been involuntarily scaled back.

It was at this point that two Black Coffin Carriers approached Li Luo.

The two Black Coffin Carriers flanked Li Luo on his left and right, their venomous, cold eyes fixated on him. One even revealed a brutal smile.

They enjoyed seeing an expression of utter despair on a youthful genius.

"Oh? A nine-pearl? Is that supposed to be amazing?"

The Black Coffin Carriers glanced at the resplendent Heavenly Pearls behind Li Luo, and their gazes turned sinister.

"Isn't it pretty cool? I suppose it is." Li Luo shrugged with a face full of smiles.

The duo's eyes flashed with murderous intent. Did this brat really think that they were complimenting him? How did he have the gall to brag in such a situation?

One of them gave a deep smile and stomped the ground. A wave of cold energy roared forth as the black coffin behind him shot outwards in a beam of black light, slamming right into Li Luo.