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Absolute Resonance Chapter 1149: Top 10

Absolute Resonance Chapter 1149: Top 10

In the same moment, shadow energy in the void quietly condensed as if it had fused into a black shadow. From a tricky angle, it flew towards the blood talisman and pierced through it. The blood talisman reacted violently as the b.l.o.o.d.y eyeb.a.l.l.s on the talismans began to blink even faster.

The faces of Feng Lingyuan, Duan Mu and Wei Chonglou turned red at this moment. They had exhausted all their strength and both sides were currently locked in battle of attrition. There was no way for them to back off now.

With the way things were, Li Luo's arrow would truly determine if they could turn things around!

With that thought in mind, it was then when another burst of blinding light resonant power filled the skies of the Swamp City. Like a rising sun, the corruption in the air vanished as light swept over it.

Everyone watched in stupor as the light spilled across the horizon and reached the ends of the sky.

Rolling light resonant power surged forward like white waves. The arrow had returned to slay the devil.

The radiant arrow of light resonant power shot through the air. As everyone watched without batting an eyelid, it struck the blood-red talisman directly.

Overwhelming divine power exploded outwards.

The strange talisman had been pushed beyond its limits against the attacks from the four students. Many of the eyeb.a.l.l.s closed completely.


The blood-red talisman shattered.

With the talisman out of the way, there was nothing stopping the combined a.s.sault of the arrow of light, the black shadows, the emerald hands, and the burning flames now. All of them charged across the sky, intent on ending their target.

Everyone watched in delight as the attacks clashed directly with the Blood Coffin Carrier that was trying to escape.

Violent, wild energy swept across the field, completely flattening the surrounding area. Even the void cracked apart from the tremendous pressure of the devastating attacks. The projection of the swamp city turned blurry, and the real scenery of the Fifth Minor Earthly Branch Realm could be faintly seen as a result of the cataclysmic clash.

However, everyone's eyes were still locked onto the Blood Coffin Carrier.

Despited facing four coordinated attacks, he displayed a tenacious lifeforce that refused to give in. Thousands of cracks appeared on his body, but he just wouldn't die.

Unfortunately for him, Li Luo's arrow of light continued to purify him, rapidly cleansing the Other fused with his body. In the end, a look of terror surfaced on the Blood Coffin Carrier's face.


His body exploded, leaving pieces of flesh and blood splattered on the ground.

The enormous and berserk energy undulations from earlier had disappeared completely.

Li Luo's arrow was the last straw that broke the camel's back, killing the Blood Coffin Carrier.

This caused a drastic change on the battlefield.

The Black Coffin Carriers that were still fighting were horrified and lost any further desire to continue their fight. They hurriedly retreated.

The students did not stop them from escaping. After all, they did not have the energy to chase their enemies down. Their retreat would enable them to tide over the challenging situation in front of them.

"He is finally dead!"

Feng Lingyuan's eyes lit up in delight. She turned back and looked at Li Luo with eyes full of surprise. Who would have thought that the stalemate would be broken by the miraculous blow delivered by Li Luo?

Without his attack, the three of them wouldn't have been able to win against the Blood Coffin Carrier even if they worked together.

"That brat..." Feng Lingyuan had changed her views about Li Luo completely. Previously, she had agreed to team up with him largely because of his relations.h.i.+p with Jiang Qing'e. She wanted a strong ally on her side when they eventually grouped up. However, they had not met Jiang Qing'e along the way here. Instead, it was Li Luo who had surprised her time and again with his spectacular contributions in fights.

Most importantly, Li Luo was still at the Heavenly Pearl Tier.

Who could imagine how terrifying he would become once he entered the Greater Heavenly Resonance Tier?

"Let's go and help w.a.n.g Kong!" Feng Lingyuan told Duan Mu and Wei Chonglou. Wasting no time, she took the lead and headed back to w.a.n.g Kong's side.

He had been holding off ten Greater Evil Spirits by himself and would surely approach his limit soon. With Feng Lingyuan and the other elite fighters coming back to help, the pressure bearing down upon w.a.n.g Kong finally lessened, and they finally had the chance to counterattack.

In the other scuffles, the weaker students were surrounding and attacking the Evil Spirits. Clearly, the situation had fallen under their control now.

Li Luo's arrow had completely turned the tides for them.

However, he had used up so much energy that he couldn't move even a single muscle. Many of the gilded dragon scales on his dragonified body had cracked, golden blood flowed out of his body, and his dragon claws were full of injuries.

Li Luo immediately sat down in the lotus position as his dragonification rapidly subsided. At this moment, his three resonant palaces were completely empty. His resonant power had been completely exhausted and his veins were screaming in pain from being overdrafted.

"How unbearable."

Li Luo bit his lip. The external energy he had received was even harder to control than that of the Five-tailed Heavenly Wolf. Even after the refinement from the Ancient Spirit Leaf, he was only able to barely keep it in check with the mysterious Auric Halo acting as a catalyst.

Such a method was truly too risky. No wonder Lu Ming and the rest had warned him against it.

Nonetheless, their predicament required an extreme solution. Otherwise, their casualties would have been even higher as time pa.s.sed.

Li Luo channeled the dregs of waterlight resonant power that was gradually converted from absorbing worldly natural energy to flow through his meridians, slowly recovering from his injuries. At the same time, he activated the Ancient Spirit Leaf on the back of his hand to check the scoreboard.

He noticed that his achievements had gone from four A Merits and eight B Merits to nine A Merits and five B Merits.

This was due to him finis.h.i.+ng off the two Black Coffin Carriers and numerous Evil Spirits earlier. As for the remaining two A Merits, were they from the Blood Coffin Carrier?

However, Feng Lingyuan and the other two had contributed to finis.h.i.+ng him too. They must have been allocated a portion of the merits as well.

With that, Li Luo had managed to make his way into the top ten ranks with a total of nine A Merits and five B Merits.

This was a stunning result.

All along, the top ten had been occupied by the top students from the Heavenly Star Halls of both ancient colleges.

First place still belonged to Jiang Qing'e.

Her achievements had earned her thirteen A Merits.

Li Luo was dumbfounded as he stared at that. He was already making leaps and bounds in progress, yet they were still so far apart.

"How fierce of her!" Li Luo was startled. "Could it be that Jiang Qing'e's side has already destroyed the Ten Thousand Skin Devil Heart Pillar? How did she get so many Merits?"

However, she did possess dual light resonances. That was the ultimate bane for all Others, making her almost invincible here.

Li Luo glanced over at second place. It was Wu Changkong with twelve A Merits.

"His score is close to Jiang Qing'e’s. Could they be together?"

As Li Luo browsed the leaderboard, the situation on their battlefield was slowly getting better. With Feng Lingyuan and the other two coming to his aid, w.a.n.g Kong was slowly able to finish off the ten Greater Evil Spirits.

Li Luo could only watch quietly as he was completely spent at this point.

After the time it took for an incense stick to burn, the battlefield calmed down.

All the students were relieved. They sat down tiredly on the ground, their resonant power completely depleted.

Some of the students were sobbing as comrades had turned into cold corpses.

The atmosphere on the battlefield was heavy, but everyone did their best to compose themselves.

Li Luo sighed in his heart, then he saw Li Hongyou hurrying towards him. She asked out of concern, "Are you okay?"

He nodded.

Li Hongyou took out the Blackwood Feather Fan. Two white lights flew out of it and healed Li Luo.

Then she took out a few blood essence pearls and handed them to him.

Li Luo accepted them and consumed them instantly. A burning sensation gradually arose in his body as his injuries rapidly recovered.

His strength had returned.

Li Luo stood up and walked over to the side of the blood pool with Li Hongyou. Feng Lingyuan, w.a.n.g Kong, and Yue Zhiyu were standing there as well.

They looked at Li Luo and nodded slightly. He had shown his strength and won their recognition.

Li Luo smiled back at them. He then looked down towards the blood pool. The strange Devil Egg was still floating in the center of the vortex. He pointed to it and asked, "What should we do with it?"

Everyone looked towards the floating egg with frowns on their faces when they heard Li Luo's question.

Just looking at that object gave them the chills.

"Let's see if we can destroy it," Feng Lingyuan said. The egg was creepy-looking, and even though they did not know its purpose, they knew that destroying it was important.

No one objected to her suggestion. Resonant power surged up and attacks flew towards the egg directly.

Bang! Bang!

It looked like the students were throwing pebbles into the ocean. Everyone's attacks struck the egg, but there was barely any effect on it.

Only one stream of resonant power caused a little hiss when it landed on the egg.