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Absolute Resonance Chapter 1156: Blood Coffin Carriers Ambush

Absolute Resonance Chapter 1156: Blood Coffin Carriers Ambush

Li Luo sighed in his heart as he took a glance at it. Corruption originated from Others and contained countless negative emotions. If it stayed in his body for too long, his mind and spirit would ultimately be affected no matter how much he tried to suppress it.

The effects of it could be clearly seen on the members of the Murderous Ghost Horde. Although those guys still looked like humans, their spirits were completely twisted and mad, a fragment of what they once were.

Li Luo did not want to turn out like them.

Just as he was thinking about all this, his face suddenly changed. The corruption within his cursed arm began to act up all of a sudden.

Li Luo immediately felt another terrifying wave of energy coming from a room in the distance.

There was a certain familiarity to it.

It was the Blood Coffin Carrier from before!

"Ambus.h.!.+ Watch out!" Li Luo shouted as soon as he realized it.

The large group was a little surprised when they heard this.

However, there was no time for them to ask any questions. Fearsome energy waves shot at them from the front. They were condensed into black shadows that possessed terrifying might, and inside each shadow was a pitch-black coffin.

"It's the Murderous Ghost Horde!" Feng Lingyuan and the others understood the situation as soon as they saw the coffin.


At the next moment, immense amounts of resonant power surged up into the air, and Majestic Heavenly Resonance Diagrams appeared one after another in the sky above.

All the other Greater Heavenly Resonance students took out their treasured artifacts, ready to fend off the sudden attack.


Terrifying energy shockwaves swept across the field. Some of the Greater Heavenly Resonance students spat out blood from the aftershock of the enormous clash. Clearly, there was quite a number of black coffins attacking in unison.

Fortunately, the strongest elites like Feng Lingyuan and Yue Zhiyu reacted immediately and managed to stop them, reducing the pressure on the other students.

"Li Luo, return the True Devil Egg to me!"

A crazy voice reverberated throughout the hall, then a red light shot through the air. It was none other than the Blood Coffin Carrier. His body writhed like some kind of blood-red fiend and his face had an expression full of insanity and murderous intent. His pupils were bloodshot as he barreled straight at Li Luo.

Seeing this, Feng Lingyuan's beautiful eyes turned cold. She clenched her fists in the air, and countless grayish-black shadows whizzed down from the Heavenly Resonance Diagram above. These shadows fell onto the Blood Coffin Carrier like chains and restrained all of his limbs.

"Screw off!"

At this moment, the Blood Coffin Carrier was much stronger than before since he had a.s.similated with half of the True Devil Egg. His flesh wriggled and he exuded a blood-red aura, directly melting the black chains tying him down.

Then he clenched his fist tightly tightly and threw a punch directly at Feng Lingyuan, who was trying to interrupt him.


The void was splintered into shards as the terrifying blood-red fist flew towards Feng Lingyuan like an enormous mountain.

Feng Lingyuan retreated hastily. However, the fist manifestation was even quicker—it tore through the void and smashed right onto her.

However, Feng Lingyuan's body turned into a shadow right before the moment of impact. Just a few dozen feet away, she appeared once again. Her face was horrified at the near death experience.

The Blood Coffin Carrier was evidently way more terrifying than before.

"Scram! I only want that brat. Whoever stands in my way shall die!" the Blood Coffin Carrier said with a chilly tone. His sharp teeth glinted with icy light that sent a s.h.i.+ver down one's spine.

"Let's do it together! I will hold him off!" w.a.n.g Kong shouted as he stepped forward. He transformed into a stone golem and charged directly at the Blood Coffin Carrier.

"Crimson Heart Golden Seal!"

A soft voice echoed, then a crimson-golden light flew across the battlefield and landed on w.a.n.g Kong's body. Instantly, his body grew even larger, and there was a crimson glow mixed in with the the grayish-white light that he radiated.

This was the boost from Li Hongyou.

"Li Luo, step back. He's coming after you!" she warned him.

Li Luo pursed his lips. Before he could say anything, Yue Zhiyu appeared in front of him. She held up her light scepter, raised her pointed chin proudly, and told him, "Since you gave me a Divine Thorn earlier, I will have to return the favor and protect you this one time."

As soon as she finished her sentence, an immense pillar of light resonant power surged up from her scepter. Numerous divine runes of light flowed within the pillar.

The pillar of light descended directly onto the twisted and burly flesh of the Blood Coffin Carrier. The corruption that he emanated boiled vigorously all of a sudden, eveloping him with excruciating pain.

He roared out loudly. Clenching his fingers tightly, a gooey, blood-red energy surged up and he punched directly towards the incoming w.a.n.g Kong.


Shockwaves exploded through the air. w.a.n.g Kong's body was sent flying back immediately, but he landed against a wall of vines that had sprouted out of nowhere. He sank into a bed of leaves, dampening the blow.

w.a.n.g Kong turned his head and saw that Duan Mu was standing not too far away from the construct he had created.

"Thank you," he said with a smile.

Duan Mu nodded slightly. He lifted his palm, and numerous green vines began to grow on the spot that the Blood Coffin Carrier was standing on. Like a giant python, the green vines curled around his feet and wrapped around him.

"d.a.m.n flies!"

The Blood Coffin Carrier stomped his foot. Blood-red flames spread out from it, burning the vines into ashes.

However, w.a.n.g Kong had come charging towards him, followed closely by Feng Lingyuan, Yue Zhiyu, and Duan Mu. They were planning to coordinate their strikes.


Although the Blood Coffin Carrier had gotten stronger with the True Devil Egg, he was forced back with four elite students retaliating.

This made him extremely furious. His eyes turned towards Li Luo, who was standing behind them. He smiled viciously and spat, "Brat, it doesn't feel great to have the True Devil Egg invading your body, right? Let me give you a little pus.h.!.+" As soon as he finished speaking, his sharp fingers tore his chest apart. His exposed organs were covered in a gooey, red substance. That substance wriggled about before gathering together, forming half of the True Devil Egg.

Then the True Devil Egg began to beat just like a heart. The strange sound of the heartbeat resounded in the air.

Li Luo's face changed drastically when he heard the heartbeat. The flesh on his left arm began to wriggle violently, and the line gradually cracked open.

Under it, an eyeball full of veins began to emerge.

Countless strange whispers began to echo in Li Luo's heart. His mind was gradually turning hazy.

At the next moment, he hurriedly snapped to attention, activating all the resonant power in his body and transforming it into light resonant power, pouring it into his left arm to resist the surging corruption.

At this point, the half of the True Devil Egg in his left arm was reacting very violently. It had clearly been invigorated by the presence of the other half.

Li Luo's face turned green. There was a huge battle happening right in front of him, but all he could do was put all his energy into resisting the True Devil Egg. He could not help the others at all.

In fact, he would've loved it if the Blood Coffin Carrier could just take the other half of the True Devil Egg out of his arm. The thing was clearly just a ticking time bomb. However, Li Luo knew how vicious the Blood Coffin Carrier was. If he was allowed to take the True Devil Egg, he would probably take his life as well.

"Aquamarine Python, what are you waiting for?!" the Blood Coffin Carrier suddenly shouted.

Feng Lingyuan and the rest were stunned when they heard this. Did the Blood Coffin Carrier have another ally in the shadows?

Just as the Blood Coffin Carrier shouted, a giant python over a hundred feet long suddenly shot out from the shadows behind him. The python was odd-looking with multiple eyes. Above its head was a faint figure with half of her body fused into it.

At the same time, another group of Black Coffin Carriers rushed out as well.

The two sides clashed with each other. The Aquamarine Python easily sent dozens of Greater Heavenly Resonance students flying. As the python whipped its tail, it slithered speedily towards the back in an odd way.

"Li Luo, get back!"

Li Hongyou was shocked when she saw this. She waved the Blackwood Feather Fan, and black rays of death flew towards the Aquamarine Python.

The Aquamarine Python shot out a poisonous ray in retaliation, causing the black rays to disintegrate. In an instant, the whole battlefield had turned chaotic.

Li Luo retreated in a flash.

Feng Lingyuan was also feeling the pressure at this point. There was clearly more Murderous Ghost Horde members than before. With just their team alone, it was challenging to hold them off.

Therefore, she quickly took out a talisman and threw it into the air.

The talisman turned into a pillar of light, and a "Feng" character appeared in the middle of the sky.

This was her call for help.


At the same time, there was another team rus.h.i.+ng across the hallway in another corner of the All-Beings Palace.

They suddenly stopped in their tracks. They raised their heads and saw the request for a.s.sistance in the distance.

Some of the Heavenly Origin Ancient College students were surprised to see this. "That is Senior Lingyuan's call for help. Have they been ambushed?!"

The others were shocked too. With Feng Lingyuan's strength, why was she looking for a.s.sistance?

"Brother Wu, shall we go to her aid? Or should we rush over to the Heavenly Ghost Altar first?" one of the students asked. Their eyes all turned towards the two figures at the front.