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Martial God Asura - Chapter 301 – Untouchable

Martial God Asura - Chapter 301 – Untouchable

MGA: Chapter 301 – Untouchable

“Mm. At least you understand something.”

“However, I hope that you can do what you have said. Or else, you will know what the consequences are.”

“Obediently guard here. Wait for the time when your master needs you, then just do your duty.”

The Black Tortoise Armor Technique coldly looked at the Evil Spirit, then a large amount of fog surged out of its body, engulfed Chu Feng, and then, the two of them disappeared.

Only the Evil Spirit was left as it stared at where the Black Tortoise Armor Technique stood before with a panicked expression. After a while, it slowly closed its eyes. At that instant, its thoughts floated towards its distant memories.

Time had passed for too long, and it did not remember how many years or months the thing happened for. It only remembered that under the command of several evil World Spiritists, the army made out of Evil Spirits caused chaos in a certain land and plundered resources everywhere.

Mountain ranges were stamped flat. Rivers were evaporated dry. Flames of battle were everywhere. Their army had always done what they wished to and there was no one who could have stopped them. Not an inch of grass grew from the places that they had passed by. All life that they saw were slaughtered.

However, they, who caused people to be fearful just by hearing their name, who caused the colour of people’s faces to change when mentioned, who almost completely destroyed an extremely powerful continent, was defeated by a male.

Because the distance was too far, it did not see the appearance of the male clearly. It only remembered that with a single strike, he completely crushed their army. With a glance, it killed the evil World Spiritists who commanded them.

That male was so strong that it was indescribable. In the created world, he no longer seemed like a person. He seemed more like a God.

Also, beside the male, there were also four ruthless and strong monsters. The Black Tortoise Armor Technique was one of them.

“Huu~” Suddenly, then Evil Spirit sighed and gave up the thought of recovering its own freedom. It obediently returned deep into the ancient castle because it did not dare to not follow the orders of the Black Tortoise Armor Technique.

At the same time, Chu Feng only felt that his body was floating in mid-air, seeming to be quickly shifting. When both of his feet landed on the ground and as the fog dissipated, he astonishedly discovered that he returned to the area where the Illusion Formation was earlier and the Black Tortoise Armor Technique was also currently staring at him. The journey that required four hours for him was finished by the Black Tortoise Armor Technique in an instant.

“Senior, you…” At that instant, Chu Feng had a stomach full of questions, yet he did not know where to start asking.

“You must be very curious as for why I let you release the Evil Spirit right?” The Black Tortoise Armor Technique smiled and said.

“Mm.” Chu Feng fiercely nodded his head.

“Ho…That’s just a small question. Compared to that, I’m guessing that you must be more curious what treasures are hidden in this place.”

“Senior, is it possible that you know what is hidden here?” Seeing that, Chu Feng hurriedly and closely asked.

“Haha, of course! Everything here was left behind by my former master. Everything here was personally created and laid by him.”

“But sadly, I will not tell you because we promised him to not tell anyone about the secrets buried here.” The Black Tortoise Armor Technique smirked and said.

That caused Chu Feng to be extremely speechless and he felt some insulting urges. He thought in his heart, If you’re not going to tell me, why did you still ask whether I want to know it or not? Isn’t that the same as playing around with someone?

Seeming to see Chu Feng’s helplessness, the Black Tortoise Armor Technique smiled and added, “However, I can tell you that the treasure hidden here is an extremely strong treasure. It is a treasure that can cause a person to go mad, it can cause disputes in a family, it can cause lovers to kill one another, it can cause rains of blood and winds of stench, and it can even devastate this land here.”

“As for you, the current you, don’t have the qualifications to go even near the treasure. So, even if I tell you what it is, it would be useless.”

“But you’re very lucky. Lucky that you met me because more or less, I will help you out. For example, the Evil Spirit just now. Although it is only a watchdog that is located in the outermost circle, if it can be used by you, in the future, when you step into this place again, it will at least help you a bit.”

“But sadly, after leaving my master’s body, my strength has already decreased greatly. Right now, I exist only in name. I can scare some little minion like the one just now, but the guardians deeper in will not listen to my command. So, if you want to get the deepest treasure, you will still need to rely on yourself.”

After hearing the Black Tortoise Armor Technique’s words, Chu Feng was shocked in his heart. If such a powerful Black Tortoise Armor Technique could not even command the guardians, how powerful would they be?

If the Evil Spirit, who was able to pressure him to the point of suffocation and able to even cut off the connection between him and Eggy, was only a little minion, how terrifying would the existence of not a little minion be?

At that instant, Chu Feng was completely stunned. He realized for the first time that he was so weak. Even if he was a character who could shake the earth in the Azure Province and even if he was a monster in people’s eyes, when facing a real powerful person, he was not even a single ant. At most, he was only an insignificant speck of dust.

At that moment, Chu Feng was truly curious. Who was the master of this place? What realm did he step into in order to be so powerful? Was it truly the Martial Emperor realm that Eggy said it was?

However, for he who did not even step into the Profound realm, how much time did he need to enter the Martial Emperor realm which was like a legend?

At that instant, Chu Feng self-deprecatingly discovered that his talent which he was so proud of, the god-like speed of improvement and breaking through, the battle power that surpassed levels, really wasn’t much.

Because if he only relied on those, perhaps in his entire life, he would not be able to touch the Martial Emperor realm. He was a monster in other people’s eyes, but if he was looked at by real geniuses, he was only a mediocre person. For example, the purple-clothed female who was even younger than him.

The world was so big and the continent of the Nine Provinces was merely a corner of an iceberg. It was quite difficult for Chu Feng to imagine how many geniuses were growing in the boundless and borderless world. And as for him, he did not truly step onto the wide stage. So, he had to become stronger. He had to become stronger and stronger.

“Although whether you gain the treasure in this place will still depend on yourself, I will still do what I can to help you. Right now, the biggest help that I can give you is to pass my ability down to you.” The Black Tortoise Armor Technique’s expression suddenly turned serious.

Following that, its body had started to become illusionary like how the White Tiger Slaughtering Technique looked like as he became a body of fog-like illusion in the White Tiger Mountain Range. It actually and truly wanted to be attached to Chu Feng’s body in order to hand its power over for Chu Feng to use.

“But senior, you are not related to me in any way, so why are you helping me like this?” That was the biggest question mark in Chu Feng’s heart.

“I have my reasons for helping you, like why the White Tiger chose you. Our reason is the same, and as for what this reason is, in the future, you will naturally unveil it.”

Suddenly, the illusionary Black Tortoise Armor Technique pounced towards Chu Feng and it was entering Chu Feng’s body. At the same time, a large amount of information was also starting to gather in Chu Feng’s brain.