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Martial God Asura - Chapter 329 – Completely Subdued

Martial God Asura - Chapter 329 – Completely Subdued

MGA: Chapter 329 – Completely Subdued

The Illusionary Thunder School was actually not far from the Li family. For ordinary citizens, if they were to ride on carriages, they would require several days’ worth of time. But with Chu Feng speed, he only required a short half-day.

So after half a day of hurrying, Chu Feng already currently arrived at the so-called Illusionary Thunder School. Chu Feng came here to save someone, so he did not enter openly but carefully snuck in.

Also, Chu Feng discovered that despite being a second-rate school, the Illusionary Thunder School’s elders and disciples did not have weak strength. They were absolutely not inferior to the first-rate schools in the Azure Province.

Although such a school could not threaten Chu Feng and he could even completely destroy that place with Eggy’s power, after all, the Qin Province was different from the Azure Province, and Chu Feng still had to keep low profile when he first came here.

Thus, relying on unique methods of World Spiritists, Chu Feng secretly sneaked into the core zone of the Illusionary Thunder School and arrived in a colourful garden. The first step in saving Li Datou was to first find the person who locked him up: The young head of the Illusionary Thunder School.

One step at a time, he approached, and Chu Feng finally found several figures. It was a group of males and females, all of them being young. Their cultivations were not weak as well, being all in the Profound realm.

Especially a male with a crest hairstyle. His cultivation already reached the 6th level of the Profound realm. That cultivation was truly not weak, or at least within the Azure Province, only a few people in the young generation reached that stage.

However, within the borders of the Qin Province, he had actually so casually become the young head of a second-rate school. From that, it could be seen how big of a difference there was in strength between the Qin Province and the Azure Province.

At that instant, Chu Feng originally wanted to immediately rush up to give a lesson to the young school head before asking the whereabouts of Li Datou, but after he heard the content of their conversation, Chu Feng couldn’t help but hold but such urges back because within their conversation, Chu Feng heard the sensitive three words, “Thousand Monster Mountain”.

“I never would have thought after staying hidden for so long, the Prestigious Villa still cannot stand it and they will start their attacks on the Thousand Monster Mountain.”

“Yeah, the so-called ‘A single mountain cannot hold two tigers, a single province cannot hold two kings’. Although the Monstrous Beasts in the Thousand Monster Mountain don’t interfere with the matters of the various powers in the Qin Province and they are only staying in their small piece of land, the ruler of the Qin Province, the Prestigious Villa, will naturally be unwilling to have a group of existences that they cannot control on their own land. Thus, starting a battle with the Thousand Monster Mountain was only a matter of time, so the current scene isn’t too strange.”

“Mm. But it has to be admitted that the Prestigious Villa does have some methods. It actually set up a Marriage Gathering and took out all the excellent beauty geniuses with outstanding strength. Right now, the entire young generation of the Qin Province are heading towards the Prestigious Villa, and even the peak geniuses from other provinces are coming.”

“Is that real or fake? To take care of the Thousand Monster Mountain, the Prestigious Villa had actually used such methods? Joining up with the powers from other provinces for help?”

“Thousand trues and ten thousand certains. Although they did not say to make alliances with other powers, if this so-called Marriage Gathering succeeds, naturally, they will have a relationship of an alliance with other powers. I’m sure that as long as the Prestigious Villa has attacking intentions towards the Thousand Monster Mountain, the great powers from the other provinces would not sit and wait. After all, within that mountain range, there are many treasures.”

“Setting up an alliance with the peak powers of the other provinces? That is just like a double-edged sword! If things do not go well, it will truly be ‘giving up the bride and losing an army’, receiving double losses! Aren’t they a bit too careless by doing this?”

“Ahh, naturally, I’m sure that the Prestigious Villa will have their own considerations, so there is no need for us to worry about these things. On the other hand, I heard that the future chief of the Jie clan from the Spirit Province, ‘Jie Qingming’ has already arrived in the Qin Province, and his goal is to join this Marriage Gathering.”

“Jie Qingming? He’s a really outstanding genius! I heard that when he was in the 9th level of the Profound realm, he had once defeated an expert in the Heaven realm. The current him should have already entered the Heaven realm right?”

“Not only Jie Qingming. The peak characters of the young generation from the Tang Province, Song Province, Yuan Province, Ming Province, and Sui Province have also come to the Qin Province, and their goal is to join this Marriage Gathering.”

“Heavens! I never would have thought that the rallying power of the Prestigious Villa would be this strong. This time, aren’t the strongest of the young generations in the continent of the Nine Provinces all gathered in the Qin Province?”

“Ahh, I truly want to take a look at the glory of those monsters. But sadly, I heard that only people in the younger generations are allowed to participate in the Marriage Gathering. Other than the monsters who received the invitation, if one wanted to join this Marriage Gathering, they would need to pass layers of screenings! It looks like we won’t have any hope like that.”

After hearing the conversation between the several people, Chu Feng couldn’t help but rejoice. He hiddenly said, “I never would have thought that the Prestigious Villa would actually prepare to attack the Thousand Monster Mountain. They are even gathering people from all areas! Truly, even the heavens are helping me.”

It had to be said that Chu Feng’s current journey brought him quite good news. So, he didn’t bother continue listening to the group of people’s useless words so he leaped, and like a ghost, appeared within the pavilion that the three people were. So looked at the male with a crest hairstyle, smiled, and asked, “You’re the head of the Illusionary Thunder School?”

The sudden scene caused the several people there to be terrified. Especially the young head of the Illusionary Thunder School. His face changed greatly as he pointed at Chu Feng and said with panic, “Who are you?”

*bang* However, without saying anything, Chu Feng raised his hand and threw a fist. It directly collided with the face of the young head of the Illusionary Thunder School. The strong power caused him to be fierce dropped to the ground, and he who had the cultivation of the 6th level of the Profound realm had half of his mouth’s teeth forcibly shattered.

“When I ask you a question, reply honestly. God damn, don’t answer with a question and ask who I am.” Chu Feng coldly said after hitting the young school head with the single punch.

And at that instant, the faces of the several young males and females were already pale-white from fright. Everyone was aware that Chu Feng was an expert since he was able to defeat the young head of the Illusionary Thunder School, who was the strongest within them, with one strike.

So, at that instant, they did not speak any words and they started to run away. However, with a thought from Chu Feng, he spread out his Grey-coloured Spirit Formation and enveloped everyone within. Not to mention wanting to escape, even their voices could not be spread out.

“I ask you again. Are you the head of the Illusionary Thunder School?” Chu Feng also did not bother with the group of people who wanted to escape as he pointed at the male in front of his eyes who had a crest hairstyle and interrogated.

“I..I am.” This time, the young head of the Illusionary Thunder School did not dare to have any hesitation. He covered the side of his cave and obediently replied.

“In period of time before, have you imprisoned a core disciple called Li Datou?” Chu Feng asked.

“Li Datou? I don’t know!” The head of the Illusionary Thunder School quickly shook his head.

“I’ll let you not know.” However, Chu Feng threw a hook straight towards his face, and it caused the young school head who very uneasily climbed back up to fall back down to the ground. It also caused the teeth on one side of his mouth to be shattered.

“I’ll speak, I’ll speak! All the disciples in the Illusionary Thunder School that offended me gets imprisoned in the underground prison. The person you spoke of must also be there!” This time, the young head of the Illusionary Thunder School was completely subdued.