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MGA: Chapter 542 - Who's The Strongest In The Young Generation?

MGA: Chapter 542 - Who's The Strongest In The Young Generation?

MGA: Chapter 542 - Who's The Strongest In The Young Generation?

“Chu Feng is indeed powerful, but to say he’s the number one person in the continent of the Nine Provinces’ young generation, there is no proof of that.”

“Look. Not to mention that there’s also a Zhang Tianyi in the Azure Dragon School, even in the Jiang Dynasty, there are people able to be compared to Chu Feng.”

“Jiang Yini, the strongest in the Jiang Dynasty’s young generation, already has the cultivation of the 6th level of the Heaven realm right now. Even the old generation fear her.”

“Jiang Wushang, the number one genius in the Jiang Dynasty. He is sixteen years old, yet he is already in the 3rd level of the Heaven realm. In terms of talent, he’s stronger than Chu Feng right?” Although Chu Feng was powerful, that was indisputable, there were also some people who felt that Zhang Tianyi, Jiang Yini, Jiang Wushang, and the others, might not be weaker than Chu Feng.

“You don’t understand. Not only is Chu Feng’s talent outstanding, and his speed of improvement G.o.dly, his battle power is extremely horrifying as well. Although he is only in the 3rd level of the Heaven realm, even those in the 5th level of the Heaven realm may not be able to defeat him.”

“Chu Feng’s battle power is strong, that’s a fact, but Zhang Tianyi is similarly terrifying. As for Jiang Yini and Jiang Wushang, they are from the Jiang Dynasty! They have n.o.ble bloodlines! Would it be possible that their battle power is inferior to Chu Feng and Zhang Tianyi?”

“Ahh, if they can spar once, that would be great. We wouldn’t have to argue here then.”

“Yeah. I truly want to see a comparison of skills between them. With that, we would also know who exactly is the strongest in the Nine Provinces’ young generation.”

Looking at the four people, Chu Feng, Zhang Tianyi, Jiang Yini, and Jiang Wushang, with extraordinary might and superb complexions on the high stage, up and down the crowd of people, there were many people checking into who was strong and who was weak.

To those sounds, even if it was the people on the high stage, naturally, they heard them clearly. So, the Jiang Dynasty’s old ancestor looked at the Azure Dragon Founder who was sitting on the school head’s chair, and said, “Senior Azure Dragon, it seems like everyone wants to know who the number one person in the current continent of the Nine Provinces is.”

“It is rare to have a day of great joy like today, so why not let a few in the young generation spar? Take it as satisfying everyone’s desires.”

“Actually, I also had this intention.” The Azure Dragon Founder lightly smiled, then looked at Chu Feng and the others and said, “But I just don’t know, are you four willing to spar for one round?”

After the Azure Dragon Founder spoke, everyone’s faces turned to joy. They cast their gazes towards Chu Feng and the others, looking forward to their response.

Because, not only did the experts who came from the other provinces wanted to know, even they, the people who were rather familiar with Chu Feng and the others, also wanted to know who was the strong and weak ones of them four.

And facing the crowd’s expecting gaze, Jiang Wushang bitterly laughed, and helplessly said, “Actually, I have already sparred against Brother Tianyi, but I could not defeat him.”

“As for Brother Chu Feng, even the abnormality of eighteen golden dragons was lit up by him. I do not feel it is possible for me to defeat him when we both have equal cultivation.”

“What? You’ve already fought and Wushang, you’re actually unable to defeat Zhang Tianyi?!”

After hearing Jiang Wushang’s words, the faces of the people from the Jiang Dynasty changed and on their originally expectant and excited faces, expressions of shock surged.

Because, after Chu Feng activated the Eighteen Golden Dragon Abnormality Formation, the bloodlines of everyone in the Jiang Dynasty were strengthened. Their strengths were also strengthened.

Many people even directly broke through, and Jiang Wushang was one of them. So, his cultivation already entered the 3rd level of the Heaven realm, the same as Zhang Tianyi.

Their bloodlines were extremely strong already, and currently, they received a transformation. Yet Jiang Wushang, who was viewed as the Jiang Dynasty’s hope by the Jiang Dynasty, was actually defeated by Zhang Tianyi’s hands. That was naturally difficult to accept.

In reality, even the face of the Jiang Dynasty’s emperor was a bit unsightly. As he could do nothing about it, he could only cast his gaze towards his daughter, Jiang Yini.

Although Jiang Yini’s bloodline wasn’t as dense as Jiang Wushang’s, luckily, her cultivation was powerful, and was already in the 6th level of the Heaven realm at that moment. At least in terms of cultivation, she could pressure Zhang Tianyi and Chu Feng.

However, just as the people from the Jiang Dynasty all cast their gazes towards Jiang Yini, hoping she could fight for the Jiang Dynasty’s glory, she sweetly smiled, and said, “Although I am in the 6th level of the Heaven realm, I am inferior to Wushang who is in the 3rd level of the Heaven realm. So, without sparring, I already know I will not be able to defeat Zhang Tianyi and Chu Feng.”

“This...” At that instant, everyone from the Jiang Dynasty were stupefied. The spar hadn’t even started, yet their Jiang Dynasty’s young generation already lost. That made them feel helplessness.

“Haha!” Facing that situation, the Azure Dragon Founder laughed, then looked at Chu Feng and Zhang Tianyi, and said, “It looks like right now, within the continent of the Nine Provinces’ young generation, only you two can fight. Are you willing to spar for a round?”

“Actually, I’ve always wanted to experience Junior Chu Feng’s abilities. Especially after Junior Chu Feng’s cultivation became the same as mine, my thought got more intense.” With a light smile on his face, within Zhang Tianyi’s fierce gaze, immense intention to fight was already emanated.

“Since it is like so, I ask Senior Zhang to grant me pointers.” Seeing that, Chu Feng did not refuse, and also leaped, rose into the air, and stood above the blue sky.

Actually, it was not only Zhang Tianyi who wanted to experience Chu Feng’s strength. Chu Feng had always wanted to experience Zhang Tianyi’s strength as well.

After all, back then, Chu Feng’s cultivation was too weak, and he simply couldn’t fight against Zhang Tianyi. But at present, his cultivation finally caught up. So, naturally, he also wanted to experience the power of Zhang Tianyi’s Forbidden Mysterious Technique.

Because, looking at it back then, Zhang Tianyi’s Forbidden Mysterious Technique didn’t seem to lose to Zi Ling’s Divine Body. So, Chu Feng also wanted to know, when they both had the same cultivation, who was the stronger one and who was the weaker one between the two of them.

“Haha, Junior Chu Feng, although it is only sparring, I will not restrain myself. Do not be careless~” Seeing Chu Feng agree to the spar, Zhang Tianyi also loudly laughed excitedly, and quickly after, also rushed into the high sky.

And at that instant, within the Azure Dragon School, cheers continuously rang out, and everyone’s blood started to boil.

They roundly widened their eyes, and without moving their gazes, they stared at the two people in the air, their faces full of yearning.

Because, on that day, their dreams finally became real. They were going to personally witness the glory of the two peak geniuses in the continent of the Nine Provinces.