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Absolute Resonance Chapter 1153: Coiling Dragon Golden Bone Pill

Absolute Resonance Chapter 1153: Coiling Dragon Golden Bone Pill

His unfathomable eyes glinted with a trace of sharpness. "But I sure didn't expect the rats from the Origin Reversion Inst.i.tute to sneak into our fight. This must be part of your plan with the Spirit Eye Other King, right?"

"Two grand ancient colleges have grouped up to fight me. It is only normal to find a little help. Besides, the Origin Reversion Inst.i.tute is a power of the human race," the All-Beings Devil King replied with a laugh.

"Just a bunch of cancer cells to be excised." w.a.n.g Xuanjin's eyes narrowed a little. A tinge of hatred could be heard in his calm voice.

"How do you know that the beliefs of the Origin Reversion Inst.i.tute are not the right ones? Perhaps their path is the only one that will unite the heavens and earth, allowing the world to return to its ideal state. You all are simply too closed-minded to change." The appearance of the All-Beings Devil King began to change again. It slowly transformed from the image of a child earlier into that of a hunch-backed elder with a wrinkly face.

w.a.n.g Xuanjin coolly responded, "In the end, the path that they've picked will not lead us to a world that thrives with humanity. It will be a husk left with only ghosts."

The All-Beings Devil King cackled. "In that case, you will have to depend on us, your so-called Others, to end this mess for you."

w.a.n.g Xuanjin was not interested in continuing the pointless chatter. He took a glance at the Fifth Minor Earthly Branch Realm and remarked, "So these Ten Thousand Skin Devil Heart Pillars of yours are just a diversion. Your real objective is to incubate the True Devil Eggs with a trace of your own will. Once they hatche, you will be able to imprint the entirety of the Fifth Minor Earthly Branch Realm, turning it into part of your All-Being Ghostly Skin Dominion."

When the Ten Thousand Skin Devil Heart Pillars were destroyed, w.a.n.g Xuanjin was able to see the situation clearly. Each pillar was incubating one True Devil Egg.

w.a.n.g Xuanjin thought about it for a moment and said, "However, the True Devil Eggs are still in their embryonic forms. They won't be able to carry a strand of your will like this. It seems like your next step is to fuse all the eggs together. These chess pieces from the Origin Reversion Inst.i.tute are just your delivery men. They are all outsiders, so they've gone undetected by me."

The All-Beings Devil King nodded with a grin. Its appearance was warping into that of a youth now. "As long as three of the True Devil Eggs manage to fuse together, it'll be considered a success. Therefore, the main play will be starting shortly. w.a.n.g Xuanjin, who do you think will win this round?"

w.a.n.g Xuanjin watched with eyes as abstruse as the abyss. However, he did not answer.

The All-Beings Devil King smiled a little. It held out its hand and lightly waved at the void in front of them. The whole world s.p.a.ce around the Fifth Minor Earthly Branch Realm began to tremble violently.


A majestic mountain peak rose from the ground. Like a sharp blade, it pierced into the sky above.

The whole mountain was glittering with treasures.

Clearly, this was one of the spirit motherlodes in the Fifth Minor Earthly Branch Realm. It was where one of the Ten Thousand Skin Devil Heart Pillars was erected just a little while ago.

The students scavenged the area in delight, looking for all kinds of valuable and priceless treasures. However, most of them were only searching around the perimeter. This was because the deeper one ventured into the enormous mountain, the denser the worldly natural energy became. It had formed such a mysterious pressure around the area that it was hard for anyone to get any deeper.

Only a handful were able to weather the pressure and delve deeper into the mountain in search of treasures.

All of these people had gathered in front of a giant tree at this moment. This tree had a unique appearance where its trunk coiled around like an enormous, majestic dragon. Its body was golden and it had a layer of gilded dragon scales.

An immense wave of pressure exuded from the tree.

In front of the giant tree, Jiang Qing'e raised her white and delicate face. The winding shape of the tree was reflected in her golden pupils, and at the top of that tree was a golden fruit around the size of a baby's head.

The golden fruit was extraordinary. It looked like a dragon had coiled into a circle, with its head meeting its tail. Tiny b.u.mps protruded on its surface, looking like the scales of the dragon.

"This is a Coiling Dragon Tree... and that's a Coiling Dragon Golden Bone Pill!" one of the few people that had reached this spot exclaimed. Their eyes lit up.

The Coiling Dragon Golden Bone Pill was a rare and valuable treasure. If one cultivated and absorbed it, it could create a golden cuticle around the exterior of one's bones. As a result, they would resemble golden dragon bones and contain many beneficial properties. With its protection, one could even survive an ordinarily fatal attack.

Naturally, Wu Changkong was also amongst the group.

As he looked at the fruit, his heart burned with desire. This fruit would have a significant effect on him as well.

Wu Changkong glanced over at Jiang Qing'e, who was deep in her own thoughts. Her irresistibly charming appearance was dazzling with a mysterious glow. One could hardly stop their heart rate from accelerating from just looking at her.

On their way here, he had been working with Jiang Qing'e and attempting to pull themselves closer with all kinds of methods, hoping she would view him a little more favorably. But his efforts were largely in vain. The distance between him and Jiang Qing'e remained so wide that it was enough to be considered a setback even for Wu Changkong.

Nonetheless, this only ignited Wu Changkong's desire to win her heart. He had seen how spectacular Jiang Qing'e was with her dual ninth-grade light resonances. She was truly worthy of being called unparalleled.

In the future, Jiang Qing'e would surely achieve great things. If their family could get such a girl into their household, their bloodline would surely grow even purer and stronger.

If he could really bring this incomparable lady back, his grandfather, Wu Yu, would surely make him the next leader of the Wu clan immediately.

Wu Changkong stopped to think for a moment. He suppressed the desire in his heart and smiled towards Jiang Qing'e. "Junior Jiang, are you interested in the Coiling Dragon Golden Bone Pills?"

Jiang Qing'e did not turn her head. She nodded and replied, "I want the fruit and nothing else."

Her tone was calm and composed, but her determination was evident in her firm tone.

Wu Changkong thought about it after hearing her reply. It was said that Coiling Dragon Golden Bone Pills were especially potent for with dragon resonances. Li Luo was from the Bloodline of Heavenly Emperor Li... Was Jiang Qing'e asking for it because of Li Luo?

As he thought about this, Wu Changkong's smile froze up. He was feeling unhappy and frustrated in his heart.

He asked, "Junior Jiang, are you asking for this because of Li Luo?"

As soon as he asked the question, he immediately regretted it.

Jiang Qing'e turned her head a little, and her golden pupils took a quick glance at Wu Changkong. Then she responded indifferently, "What does it have to do with you?"

Wu Changkong replied embarra.s.singly, "It was just a simple question."

Jiang Qing'e responded calmly, "I made the biggest contribution in destroying the pillar. It is only reasonable that I get the Coiling Dragon Golden Bone Pill, right?"

The students in the area nodded in agreement. Jiang Qing'e and her dual ninth-grade light resonances were the main reason they had progressed so smoothly. Her contributions were undeniable. Not even Wu Changkong could compare to her.

A light flashed across Wu Changkong's eyes. Logically, it would be best to give in to her demand. If he presented this item to Jiang Qing'e, he could still try to pull their relations.h.i.+p a little closer. However, he felt extremely frustrated when he thought about Jiang Qing'e handing the fruit over to Li Luo.

He felt that he had to stop this from happening no matter what.

Jiang Qing'e looked over to Wu Changkong and suddenly said, "Leader Wu, I heard that my fiance and you had some sort of disagreement in the Heavenly Origin Ancient College."

Wu Changkong's face stiffened up and he cursed in his heart. Some of the Heavenly Origin Ancient College students must have told her about it.

As he did not say anything, Jiang Qing'e continued, "Li Luo is really direct with his words. It is very easy for him to offend others."

Hearing this, Wu Changkong relaxed a little. Was Jiang Qing'e trying to soften things up for Li Luo? With her personality, who would have expected that she would change like this for her man? This made Wu Changkong a little unhappy, knowing that he was not that man. As he was thinking about it, her golden eyes gradually turned sharper.

"If he's offended you in any way, then I, as his fiancee, will have to take his side... Sorry about that."

In the forest, right in front of the Coiling Dragon Tree, the light of the surroundings seemed to glow even more resplendently all of a sudden.

Meanwhile, in another cave filled with treasures, Li Luo was making his way deeper into it.

Everyone was looking around for treasures excitedly, and he did not want to go back empty-handed after such a tough fight either, especially now that his left arm had ended up in such a cursed state. He greatly desired to find a good treasure to reward himself for all of his suffering.

A large amount of worldly natural energy had gathered in this cave. This created an immense wave of energy that made it hard for anyone to venture all the way inside.

Over at Li Luo's side, things were pretty quiet. Most people had kept their distance from him as his cursed arm looked really unnerving.