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Absolute Resonance Chapter 1154: Divine Thorn

Absolute Resonance Chapter 1154: Divine Thorn

This didn't bother him at all, however. It actually worked out for the better since no one would contest the treasures he spotted.

He continued walking deeper and saw quite a number of ripened and valuable herbs along the way. Without any hesitation, he harvested them.

These could become gifts for his First Brother and Second Sister once he returned to the Dragon's Fang Lineage. They really needed such cultivation resources right now.

Very soon, the time needed for an incense stick to burn had pa.s.sed. Li Luo was very pleased with his bountiful harvest thus far. If he added all of them up, it would be worth a considerable amount of money.

He paused when he came across a crack in the depths of the cave. The energy pressure around this area was so strong that even he found it suffocating.

It would not be wise for him to go any deeper than this.

Therefore, Li Luo did not walk any further. He scanned the pitch-black wall on his right. When he arrived here a moment ago, he had noticed the eyeball on his cursed arm reacting violently.

It was clearly feeling uneasy about something there.

"There must be something in there that this cursed arm feels revulsion towards, " Li Luo mumbled to himself as his gaze flickered. Then his right hand grabbed the Dragon Elephant Blade and he slashed down towards the wall.

The strike was so quick that it left a stream of light in its wake, creating a clean cut on the wall.

Li Luo was very careful with his strike. There had to be some kind of treasure in there, and if he was careless, he could end up damaging it. That would be a heavy price he was unwilling to pay.

As he carved at the wall layer by layer, Li Luo noticed something.

It was a vine-like plant that resembled numerous white pythons.

On closer look, he noticed that there were thorns on it. The thorns were translucent and somewhat white. It was as if they were made out of some kind of divine gem. When he broke off the stones around it, there was suddenly an outburst of immense and pure light energy.

"Is this... a Divine Thorn?!" Li Luo was surprised as he stared at the plant before him, an expression of delight on his face.

The Divine Thorn was an extremely rare treasure with a light resonant attribute. By refining it, one could create powerful treasures imbued with light resonant energy. However, it was extremely hard to find, as it liked to hide in the depths of rocks within deep caves. Surprisingly, Li Luo had discovered it because of his cursed arm that was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with corruption. It had an extremely strong aversion to light resonant energy, and hence he was able to notice its existence.

"My light resonance is just a secondary resonance. It will be a waste if this treasure is used on me. However, this will be the perfect gift for Sister Qing'e when I meet her later," Li Luo whispered to himself happily.

He had even thought of how to refine this thorn. Perhaps he could craft it into a crown. This would be a perfect match for Jiang Qing'e. Li Luo quickly used his Dragon Elephant Blade to dig out the thorns from the depths of the wall. Alas, the plant even tried to escape by tunneling deeper into the rocky crevice, as if it possessed a will of its own.

However, Li Luo did not give it a chance. He gathered every inch of it.

Then he slowly and carefully took stock. He had collected a total of six thorns.

He was so happy that he could barely keep his mouth closed.

However, just as Li Luo was celebrating his harvest, he heard the sound of rus.h.i.+ng wind approaching him. A charming figure dashed towards him in a flash.

Li Luo looked up. It was none other than Yue Zhiyu.

He understood the situation immediately. Yue Zhiyu must have felt the enormous light energy surging out of this area and rushed over.

"Divine Thorn!" Yue Zhiyu exclaimed as soon as she landed beside Li Luo. Her eyes lit up when she saw the Divine Thorns in his arms.

As a light resonance user, she knew how attractive and precious Divine Thorns were.

As soon as Li Luo noticed her eyes, he quickly put them in his pocket sphere.

Yue Zhiyu was stunned for a moment. Then she quickly told him, "Give me a price. I will buy the Divine Thorns from you. Your light resonance is just a secondary resonance, they will not be of much use to you."

Li Luo shook his head in a hurry. "Sorry, I can't do that. Although they're not useful to me, I am planning to give them to Jiang Qing'e."

"To Jiang Qing'e?!" Yue Zhiyu gritted her teeth as soon as she heard this. That darn woman was really fighting with her over everything.

However, she knew about Jiang Qing'e relations.h.i.+p with Li Luo. She knew she couldn't go about this the hard way. Hence, she took two steps forward and restrained her arrogance. Then, she whispered gently to Li Luo, "Junior Li Luo, I don't need everything. Why don't you sell me four of them? I will definitely give you a satisfactory price."

Li Luo was secretly elated as he watched the usually proud girl turn so gentle. However, he shook his head firmly. "Do I look like I am in need of money?"

Yue Zhiyu glared back at him with her beautiful eyes. Her usual, angry personality was about to burst out at this moment. However, Li Luo suddenly took out a Divine Thorn and handed it over to her. "But since you helped me keep the corruption in check earlier, I will give one of them to you."

Previously, Yue Zhiyu had rendered him some a.s.sistance. Although it wasn't of much help, it was a favor that Li Luo had kept in his heart.

Yue Zhiyu's anger subsided immediately. She was a little dumbfounded as she stared at the Divine Thorn handed over to her. She had never thought that Li Luo would just give her one of these precious treasures for free.

She struggled over it for a while and she even contemplated turning it down to save face. But she couldn't withstand the temptation of this Divine Thorn. In the end, she accepted it with a blunt reply. "Thank you, then."

Li Luo smiled back at her. "You are welcome. You helped me out earlier."

"Then, why don't you give me two more? One is not enough," Yue Zhiyu added.

Li Luo rolled his eyes. "Dream on. I am planning to make a crown out of them for Sister Qing'e."

Yue Zhiyu was filled with envy as she listened. She was not jealous over the relations.h.i.+p between Li Luo and Jiang Qing'e. Rather, she was simply agitated thinking about the sight of Jiang Qing'e standing with a dazzling and majestic crown atop her head.

"Do you think a light resonant crown fits well with Jiang Qing'e's image?" Li Luo asked with a grin. He was clearly being mischievous about it as he knew very well about their almost caustic relations.h.i.+p.

Yue Zhiyu's face had no visible reaction. With Jiang Qing'e's delicate and charming face, she would certainly look like a G.o.ddess of light if she wore a crown made up of Divine Thorns.

The thought of it only frustrated her further.

Yue Zhiyu took a deep breath. She kept her emotions in check and collected the Divine Thorn from Li Luo. "You're so lucky. I pa.s.sed by here earlier, but I could not sense its presence at all."

She was full of regret. If she had discovered this earlier, there would be nothing left for Jiang Qing'e.

Li Luo took a glance at his cursed arm. "It's all thanks to this thing."

Yue Zhiyu was shocked. She did not know what to say. The Divine Thorn was an item created by extremely pure and concentrated light resonant energy. It was naturally a disgusting item for anything corrupted. Hence, Li Luo's cursed arm had acted up as soon as he pa.s.sed by. Li Luo was able to pick up on this and discovered the treasure.

As the two of them were chatting, their faces suddenly changed.

They felt an extremely strong wave of energy in the air.

The world s.p.a.ce around them began to twist.

They took a look at each other, then their eyes turned cold and they summoned up their resonant power immediately.

They had sensed the changes in the surroundings as they rushed out of the cave.

When they exited, they looked at the vast sky above. A palace so large that they couldn't see its end was slowly making its way out of the void.

The palace looked extremely majestic, just like the stars and moon in the sky. As soon as it appeared, dense corruption that went above and beyond their imagination swept through the skies of the Fifth Minor Earthly Branch Realm.

Li Luo and the rest felt as though the corruption was like an extremely vicious beast. It had come out of the sky to devour all living things.

Faintly, they could spot three strange words slowly wriggling on the pale, white plaque outside the giant palace.

All-Beings Palace.

When Li Luo and the rest noticed the All-Beings Palace, the surrounding world s.p.a.ce began to tremble violently. The All-Beings Palace grew bigger and bigger right in front of their eyes.

Then their expressions gradually turned into ones of abject horror.

It wasn't the All-Beings Palace growing bigger. Instead, they were getting sucked into it at an unimaginable speed. They were being dragged through world s.p.a.ce against their wills, inching closer to the All-Beings Palace.

This lasted a few moments.

Before long, the All-Beings Palace was right in front of their eyes.

When Li Luo noticed that the vibrations in the world s.p.a.ce had calmed down, he sensed a chilly feeling coming from the bottom of his feet. This caused gooseb.u.mps to rise across his skin, as if his skin was about to fall off his body against his will.

He looked down and saw that the floor was filled with mottled, white tiles. There were faint blood veins inside them, and when he raised his head to inspect his surroundings, he noticed that everything was of a similar hue.

The floor was like the skin of a dead giant. It made one feel uneasy merely by standing on it.

Li Luo took a deep breath. He suppressed the itch under his skin and studied the surrounding area.

At this point, they seemed to be on some kind of platform. In front of them was an endless group of smaller halls. It was extremely vast but also dead silent.