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Martial God Asura - Chapter 304 – Cool and Warmth of Human Emotions

Martial God Asura - Chapter 304 – Cool and Warmth of Human Emotions

MGA: Chapter 304 – Cool and Warmth of Human Emotions

“You need to understand clearly that before you can help him revive, he will absolutely not harm any of your relatives. During this period of time, your family will be absolutely safe.”

“As for your talent, when you become a Purple-cloak World Spiritist, do you feel that you will be afraid of the Azure Dragon Founder?”

“At that time, if he truly wants you to help and if he has no malicious intentions towards you, then it’s fine. But if he wants to use you and tear down the bridge after using you, you could also kill him instead.” Eggy continued.

At that instant, Chu Feng sank into deep thought. He felt that the words Eggy said made quite a bit of sense, but this related to the people close to him, so he still felt that it was too big of a risk.

“This time, I’ll listen to you.” Finally, after a while of serious consideration, Chu Feng still felt that Eggy’s method was fine.

So, on that day, Chu Feng escorted the Chu family members towards the Azure Dragon School, and because today was a special situation, even if Chu Feng was a disciple of the Azure Dragon School, he had to wear a conical hat to conceal his identity.

Before even entering the Azure Dragon School, on the road as he climbed the mountain, Chu Feng saw large batches of disciples from the Azure Dragon School currently carrying bags on their backs while hurrying down the mountain. At the same time, he was able to hear their whispers.

“Ahh, at first, I thought that the Azure Dragon School was going to rise greatly and that I would have a great future by entering this school. Who would have known that just after entering, I had to leave.”

“Yeah, because of a single Chu Feng, we and others need to transfer to other schools. That Chu Feng really ought to die.”

“It’s that Li Zhangqing who’s too stubborn. Clearly, as long as he stood out and announced that the Azure Dragon School was clear of any relationships with Chu Feng, it would be fine. But who would have thought that he stood out and at the end, said that the Azure Dragon School and Chu Feng was going to live together, and die together?! Damn. Isn’t he just ruining all of us?”

“Who would say he isn’t? The Qilin Prince’s Mansion and the Lingyun School already both stated that those who don’t clear up their relationship with Chu Feng would be met with the catastrophe of family extermination. By doing this, it is equal in letting the Azure Dragon School meet the fate of school extermination. If we don’t quickly clear this relationship up, we will be dragged down by it as well.”

“I really hope that Chu Feng gets quickly arrested by the people from the Qilin Prince’s Mansion and dies. He truly brings death along with him.”

“Ahh, let’s not talk about this and let’s quickly leave this zone of disaster.”

After hearing the words of those people, both of Chu Feng’s fists couldn’t help but tightly clench. However, after that, they gradually relaxed and opened, but his face was still quite ugly.

When he was in his times of glory, all those people were zealously trying to set up a relationship with him to increase their flaunting capabilities.

But when Chu Feng was in his times of hardships, they were the first to escape with their tails between their legs. They didn’t even think about Chu Feng’s safety; rather, they blamed Chu Feng for cutting off their future.

“Chu Feng, after some thinking, there’s one thing that I should tell you.” Suddenly, Chu Yue who was next to Chu Feng spoke.

“Chu Yue, what is it?” Chu Feng asked.

“I heard that in the period of time before, Su Rou and Su Mei, the two sisters, announced that they cleared up their relationship with you and recognized a person like you as a disgrace. However…”

“However what?”

“However, they did not personally say those words. Their father, Su Hen, said those words for them.” Chu Yue spoke.

“Mm. I understand.” Chu Feng lightly smiled and nodded his head. Although on the surface, his emotions did not have too big of a chance, a raging lump of anger was lit up in his heart.

“Chu Feng, that old useless lamp called Su Hen really needs some taking care of. I suggest that you suck him dry to kill him.” Eggy felt unfairness for Chu Feng.

“I have my plans.” Chu Feng did not reply about that because what he was thinking of was not how to take care of Su Hen. What he was thinking of was what situation the sisters Su Rou and Su Mei were in, and whether they were in danger or not.

After that, with special methods, Chu Feng successfully brought the Chu family members to the area where the Thousand Bone Graveyard was. But on the road, Chu Feng saw what was true “Hotness and coldness of the world’s attitude”, and “Cool and warmth of human emotions”. Pretty much all the disciples and elders from the Azure Dragon School left that area to clear their relationship with Chu Feng and the Azure Dragon School.

After coming to the Thousand Bone Graveyard, Chu Feng did not go down with the Chu family members. He first opened the tunnel to enter the Thousand Bone Graveyard before them because he had to get permission from the Azure Dragon Founder.

At first, after hearing Chu Feng’s words, the face of the Azure Dragon Founder changed greatly and he was even a bit angry. Although he did not speak, Chu Feng already felt his intentions to decline.

However, after stating the importance of those people to Chu Feng, the Azure Dragon Founder was shaken. At the end, not only did he grant Chu Feng’s request, he even promised that he would guarantee the safety of the Chu family members in the Thousand Bone Graveyard.

To he hit the iron while it was hot, Chu Feng also took the chance and requested to also allow Li Zhangqing and the other people from the Azure Dragon School to enter this place for shelter. This time, without even hesitating, the Azure Dragon Founder permitted it.

So, after getting his family settled nicely in the Thousand Bone Graveyard, Chu Feng left and went forward to look for Li Zhangqing – The old man who was willing to give up the entire Azure Dragon School for himself.

At that instant, Li Zhangqing was standing on the peak of a palace while observing downwards from above towards the disciples and elders who were slowly leaving the school. Zhuge Liuyun and the Six Protectors were also next to him.

As they looked at the large batches of human currents surging down from the mountain, complicated expressions were hung on the old people’s faces. It was the so-called “The human heart is difficult to predict, and one’s true feelings are shown when disaster strikes”. But the truth always made one’s heart ache.

The people who always followed behind you, who bootlicked you, and who swore loyalty, left without a single care of righteousness when you met a calamity. Who had experienced such a feeling?!

“If they leave, they leave. It’s better for them to leave. With disciples and elders like these, the Azure Dragon School will have no way of truly becoming powerful.” Zhuge Liuyun was afraid that Li Zhangqing would have burdens so he went up to console.

“Ho…No need to look down on me like that right? Why would I feel sorrow because disciples likes them left? Actually, I’m very happy because I know that my judgement isn’t bad. Look at all the disciples that I had good impressions towards from the start. Aren’t they remaining behind?”

Li Zhangqing turned his head around to look behind him. Nearby, there were fifty-nine young core disciple standing there and thirty-eight elders with quite good cultivation. Those were the good seedlings that Li Zhangqing hiddenly chose.

Not only did those people have quite good martial cultivation talent, the most important thing was that they also had a loyal heart. They had the heart to share the hardships of the Azure Dragon School and the heart to die for the Azure Dragon School. With facts, it proved that Li Zhangqing did not pick the wrong people. At the times when the Azure Dragon School was going to face life and death, the disciples stayed behind.

“What time are we leaving here? You wouldn’t truly want them to just stay here doing nothing while waiting for death right?” Zhuge Liuyun asked.

“Of course not. We wait until not a single person remain, then we start our journey. We must guarantee the survival of the outstanding people from my Azure Dragon School. Only they can revive my Azure Dragon School.” Li Zhangqing replied.

“Ahh, I wonder where that boy Chu Feng went. I hope that nothing happened to him.” Zhuge Liuyun looked towards the distance and a touch of worry surged into his eyes. After hearing Chu Feng’s name, almost everyone’s faces couldn’t help but turn emotional.

“Oh? You old people are here looking at the scenery eh?” But just at that time, a familiar voice suddenly rang out behind Li Zhangqing and the others.

After hearing that voice, the faces of Li Zhangqing and the others rejoiced and they quickly turned their bodies around. After seeing the person clearly, their originally already happy faces became incomparably ecstatic.