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Martial God Asura - Chapter 305 – Dragon Travelling Through Nine Heavens

Martial God Asura - Chapter 305 – Dragon Travelling Through Nine Heavens

MGA: Chapter 305 – Dragon Travelling Through Nine Heavens

“Chu Feng! Nothing happened to you? This is great!” After seeing Chu Feng, Li Zhangqing and the others were endlessly emotional. They quickly walked over and they started to look up and down, carefully and with detail at Chu Feng as if they were deeply afraid that Chu Feng suffered injuries.

“Heh, am I not fine right now?” Chu Feng chuckled and following that, he looked at the elders and disciples behind them and said to Li Zhangqing, “School Head, these are the good seedlings that you said earlier? Not bad.”

“Of course! No matter what time it is, my eyes will not be bad. However, this time, you seemed to have caused quite a trouble. It looks like all of us will need to go along with you on some days of difficulty and homelessness.”

Li Zhangqing smiled as he patted Chu Feng shoulder. Although he said those words on the surface, he did not have even the slightest intentions of blaming Chu Feng.

“I’m afraid that none of you will be in any difficult and homeless days now.” Chu Feng chuckled and said.

“Chu Feng you boy, what are you talking about?” After hearing those words, Li Zhangqing and the others couldn’t help but be taken aback.

“Just follow me.” As Chu Feng spoke, he wanted to leave, but then he stopped his steps, turned around towards the good seedlings that Li Zhangqing picked, and said, “Call them as well.”

The crowd did not know what Chu Feng was doing, so even after Chu Feng brought them to that forest, they were still lost and confused. Only until Chu Feng started to lay a Spirit Formation to condense a Spirit Formation entrance out did Zhuge Liuyun react.

With an astounding face, he pointed at the Spirit Formation entrance that Chu Feng laid with disbelief and said, “Chu Feng, you..you..you..you wouldn’t have solved the mystery of the Thousand Bone Graveyard and found its entrance right?”

“Chu Feng, is that true? You opened the Thousand Bone Graveyard?” Seeing that, Li Zhangqing and the others also quickly went up to closely ask. As for the others, their faces changed greatly and astonishment filled them.

What kind of place was the Thousand Bone Graveyard? It was a legend of the Azure Dragon School! There was not a single person in the Azure Dragon School who did not know about the Thousand Bone Graveyard, but no one could find it.

The people who did see the Thousand Bone Graveyard mostly died. It was said that only a small number of people did not die, but they became idiots who went insane.

If Chu Feng really opened the Thousand Bone Graveyard today, that was equal to solving the near thousand year old unsolved mystery of the Azure Dragon School. That naturally caused people to look forward to it, but they also felt that it was inconceivable and hard to believe.

As he faced the crowd’s expressions of yearning, Chu Feng finally lightly smiled and nodded his head, then said, “I did indeed find the Thousand Bone Graveyard, but I have not solved the mystery in there. However, I have good news to tell everyone here.”

“Everyone can survive underneath this place. Because of the special structure at that area, it is absolutely fine even if everyone lives there for dozens of years. By hiding underneath, the people from the Qilin Prince’s Mansion and the Lingyun School will certainly not be able to find you, let alone harm you.”

“Also, at that place, there is also something that can help everyone quickly make breakthroughs. The benefits that that thing brings cannot be compared to Origin medicines or Profound medicines.”

“However, the most important thing is that underneath, everyone will also see a person. A person that you undoubtedly will not expect.”

“Chu Feng, who is it?”

“Yeah Chu Feng, who else can be in here? Don’t stir up any suspense.” The people whose blood started to boil by Chu Feng’s words were extremely eager to know what person was actually under there to be able to let Chu Feng cause such huge suspense.

“The school founder of my Azure Dragon School, the Azure Dragon Founder.” Chu Feng calmly said.

“What? Chu Feng, what did you just say? Say it again?” After hearing those words, almost everyone’s pupils suddenly shrunk and they did not dare to believe the words that they just heard.

“Right now, the Azure Dragon School’s founder is underneath here.” Chu Feng reiterated it with emphasis.

“Chu Feng, what joke is this? A thousand years has already passed since the creation of the Azure Dragon School. How is it possible that the ancestor is still surviving?” An elder did not believe the words that Chu Feng spoke.

“That’s right. Chu Feng, there are some words that you cannot speak randomly.” In reality, many people did not believe it as well.

“If you don’t believe, follow me and come. Look, then you’ll know.” Chu Feng lightly smiled and he didn’t explain. He stepped into the Spirit Formation entrance first.

After seeing Chu Feng disappear, Li Zhangqing and the others became even more nervous. They first looked at each other for a while, then following that, they tidied up their clothing, and when they felt that they were extremely orderly, they followed Chu Feng’s steps and went down.

After passing through the Spirit Formation, they discovered that Chu Feng was standing in front of them while smiling and looking at them. Beside Chu Feng, there was another person standing there. An old man who also had a smile on his face.

That old man wore an azure robe, had a fly whisk in his hand, his entire body emitted faint radiance, and he also emanated extremely strong aura, like a saint.

“Disciple Li Zhangqing, the twenty-second Azure Dragon School head, pays his respects to the school founder.” At that instant, Li Zhangqing’s excited body was trembling and he hurriedly knelt onto the ground and paid his great respects to the Azure Dragon Founder.

As for the Six Protectors, and the other elders and disciples, they were even so shocked that they could not take care of themselves. It was as though they were arriving into a realm of dreams as they blankly stared at the Azure Dragon Founder. They even thought that everything in front of their eyes wasn’t true, and only after a long while did they slowly come to their senses and quickly knelt and paid their great respects to the Azure Dragon Founder.

“Everyone, rise. Be at ease.” As for the Azure Dragon Founder, he did not have the slightest bit of arrogance as he pulled Li Zhangqing and the others back up.

After that, the Azure Dragon Founder introduced the benefits of the Essence Pool to Li Zhangqing and the others and he told them how to cultivate within the Essence Pool. After knowing the abstruse effects of the Essence Pool, everyone was extremely excited because that could allow their cultivation to increase greatly. Especially Li Zhangqing. He even had hopes to charge towards the unreachable Heaven realm.

However, no one dared to asked about why the Azure Dragon Founder was still living, where the Thousand Bone Graveyard led to, or where the several tens of thousands of bones came from because they, who incomparably respected the school founder, did not dare to ask about those things in situations when the Azure Dragon Founder would not speak about it.

After understanding everything, Li Zhangqing and the others started to move the important goods of the Azure Dragon School into the Thousand Bone Graveyard. They even accumulated a large amount of foods and resources because they did not know how long they were going to live in there for.

As Li Zhangqing and the others were busy with all that, the Azure Dragon Founder called Chu Feng out to a more quiet corner and said to him,

“Chu Feng, because of my special body, I have no way of leaving the Thousand Bone Graveyard so I’m afraid that I cannot help you regarding the predicament that you are facing this time.”

“However, I have a present for you. Perhaps in critical times of danger, it can protect your life.” As he spoke, the Azure Dragon Founder pointed his finger towards Chu Feng’s forehead. At that instant, Chu Feng’s face instantly changed greatly and insane happiness surged into both of his eyes.

Because, the Azure Dragon Founder was currently imbuing a martial skill to him. It was a very profound bodily martial skill. Although the rank of the martial skill was not labeled, although Chu Feng had not cultivated it yet, just by knowing the cultivation methods of this martial skill, Chu Feng knew that it was a much more profound bodily martial skill than the Imperial Sky Technique.

“Within the many martial skills that I have created in my life, this is the one I am most pleased with, but it is also the one that is the hardest to cultivate.”

“It is a bodily martial skill that can resist the air to walk, but is different than the conventional bodily martial skills. It does not move according to one’s own physical abilities. It relies on the martial skill itself to travel forward.”

“I have not determined the ranking of this martial skill because it has infinitely neared rank 9 martial skills, but in reality, it is still lingering between that and rank 8 martial skills.”

“This isn’t the only rank 8 martial skill on this continent, but it is the strongest martial skill I can create. So, I was not satisfied with that and I didn’t set a rank for it, nor did I pass it down to anyone.”

“However, if you can grasp it, it will certainly become your best life-saving ability. As long as you can proficiently grasp it, I believe that very little people can catch up to you.” The Azure Dragon Founder seriously said.

“Ancestor, is there a name for this martial skill?” Chu Feng already generally understood the mysteriousness of the martial skill. It was exactly as how he said it was. It was an unordinary martial skill. It was incomparable to typical bodily martial skills such as the Imperial Sky Technique.

As he faced Chu Feng’s question, the Azure Dragon Founder only lightly smiled and said, “Dragon Travelling through Nine Heavens!”