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Martial God Asura - Chapter 331 – Prestigious Villa

Martial God Asura - Chapter 331 – Prestigious Villa

MGA: Chapter 331 – Prestigious Villa

After saving Li Datou and bringing him away, with the White-headed Eagle, Chu Feng sent Li Datou back to the small town. To avoid any unnecessary troubles, Chu Feng did not directly send him back to the town. He landed outside of the small town.

Also, to prevent the head of the Illusionary Thunder School from taking revenge, Chu Feng gave Li Datou one of the Cosmos Sacks he took from the young head of the Illusionary Thunder School and the others.

As he held the Cosmos Sack, Li Datou was so moved that he didn’t know what to do because he could not think of the reason why Chu Feng would help him. So, after a while of hesitation, he curiously asked closely, “Young hero, why did you help me?”

“Ho…” As he faced Li Datou’s question, Chu Feng lightly smiled but did not reply. He leaped onto the White-headed Eagle, and when the White-headed Eagle flapped its huge wings and prepared to rise into the sky, then, Chu Feng said to Li Datou, “Go back and say this to your grandfather in my place, ‘Thank you for treating me to the meal’.”

At the same time that his voice finishing sounded out, the White-headed Eagle already rose into the air, and with an ear-piercing cry, it rushed deeper into the Qin Province. As for Li Datou, he wasn’t a person who was dumb, so he knew that his grandfather must have done something so that the mysterious young man would save his life.

After clearing up the ins and outs of the situation, without any more hesitation, Li Datou quickly went towards the small town that his family lived in. First, he needed to understand what his grandfather had actually did. Next, it was to quickly make a plan for his entire family so they could quickly leave the small town; to quickly distance themselves from the range of power of the Illusionary Thunder School.

Within the small town, Lord Li already awakened. However, because his grandson offended the young head of the Illusionary Thunder School, got locked in prison, and it was unknown whether he was currently alive or not, Lord Li truly was devastatingly sorrowful and endlessly sad.

As an old man born as a commoner, fame, profit, and wealth meant very little to him. Even without his current family’s property, he could still live through the days poor. But if something truly happened to his grandson, there would no longer be any meaning in living.

“Grandfather, grandfather!”

Just at that time, a familiar voice suddenly rang out outside the door. Closely following that, Li Datou also hurriedly entered the room. After knowing his grandfather sank into a coma, Li Datou was extremely worried as well.

“Datou, is that you? I…I’m not dreaming right?” After seeing Li Datou, Lord Li even thought that he was dreaming. He felt that it wasn’t reality.

“Grandfather, it’s me! I’m Datou!”

“Lord, it’s young master! It is really young master, he has returned!” Li Datou quickly nodded his head, and at the same time, the servants in the room were also endlessly joyful.

“It’s really Datou? But weren’t you imprisoned?” Seeing that it was truly his grandson who returned, Lord Li was both ecstatic and confused. He felt that there was certainly something strange about it.

“Grandfather, didn’t you ask someone to save me?” Li Datou answered with a question.

“I asked someone to save you? I didn’t! Datou, you know the situation in our family. The reason why we have our current family wealth is all because of you. How would it be possible to ask someone to save you from the Illusionary Thunder School’s prison?” Lord Li firmly denied.

“Grandfather, you didn’t ask someone you save me? Then recently, have you treated a young man to a meal?” Li Datou continued asking.

“This…In today’s morning, there was indeed a young man who came from the Spirit Province and ate a meal in the mansion. Datou, why did you ask that? The one who saved you wouldn’t have been that young man right?” Lord Li was a bit stupefied as he was being asked.

“There shouldn’t be any mistake. Grandfather, since you helped others with kind heart, that’s why the expert came and save me, because after saving me, the young man even told me to represent him to thank you for treating him for his meal.” Li Datou already completely cleared up the truth of the situation.

“Datou, what you said was all true? That young man saved you? But his age, how is it possible…”

At that instant, Lord Li’s face was filled with astonishment. He could still remember Chu Feng’s young face was well as his extremely small age.

Although Chu Feng called himself as a martial cultivator, even if he was one, it would not be possible for him to have the strength to save his grandson from the Illusionary Thunder School right? If Chu Feng was truly that strong, that was a bit too terrifying. It wasn’t a matter than an ordinary citizen could accept.

And when faced with the questioning of Lord Li and the others, Li Datou nodded his head with confirmation that filled his face and said, “It was a young man, and it is certainly the young man that you talked about as well. Grandfather, this time, you unintentionally saved my life!”

Seeing Li Datou so sure, everyone couldn’t help but take in a breath of cold air, and they had choice but to believe that the one who saved Li Datou was the young man who ate a meal within the mansion this morning.

However, compared to the pure shock of others, the male with the eight-shaped mustache as well as the several big men had their faces filled with lingering fear. As long as they recalled that “they had eyes but didn’t recognize Mount Tai” and almost attacked a martial cultivation expert who had a special identity, they would still feel extremely frightened with endless fear that abided.

After that, Li Datou also listened to Chu Feng’s instructions. On the same day, he hurriedly brought his grandfather as well as his close family away from the small town.

However, Chu Feng did not know anything about the reactions of the Li family in their mansion because Chu Feng’s current goal was very clear. It was to enter the Thousand Monster Mountain, and after knowing that the Thousand Monster Mountain was a danger land where Monstrous Monsters proclaimed themselves as the rulers, there was only one chance for Chu Feng to enter the Thousand Monster Mountain. It was to enter through the Prestigious Villa.

Although the Qin Province was very big, with the speed of the top-quality White-headed Eagle, Little White, after a few more days’ worth of time, Chu Feng finally arrived at the Prestigious Villa.

Although the Prestigious Villa was named as a villa, it was a true enormous power. On top of a mountain range, several huge cities were created. Not only did the cities cover a large area of space with grand might, every single one of them were even connected. No matter if it was in terms of might or area, it was the most extreme out of all the powers that Chu Feng had seen.

However, because of the Marriage Gathering, currently, people formed mountains and oceans outside of the Prestigious Villa. The young geniuses of the Nine Provinces were gathered, and right now, even wanting to enter the Prestigious Villa was a huge problem, not to mention getting the qualifications to participate in the Marriage Gathering.

“Damn. This scale…all of them can’t find a wife? Why have so many people come here for the liveliness?”

The current Chu Feng was standing within an ocean of people. As he looked at the road towards the Prestigious Villa that had a long dragon of humans in which the end could not be seen, he tightly frowned and his face turned slightly blue.

Because Chu Feng truly did not know how long he would need to enter the Prestigious Villa if he were line up.

Besides, not only did one need to line up to enter the Prestigious Villa. In reality, for many people, they trekked a long distance to this place and painfully waited for a long time in the queue, but they were driven away in the first investigation checkpoint because their status or position was insufficient.

And after seeing such strict examinations, Chu Feng who came from the Azure Province truly did not know whether he was able to gain the qualifications to enter the Prestigious Villa.

“Oi, that boy over there. Are you going to line or not? If you’re not going to enter, don’t block the road. The people behind you still need to enter the line right?” Just as Chu Feng was hesitating, the people behind him started to impatiently yell.

“You damn…” When Chu Feng who already did not have a pleased mood heard that people even dared to howl at him, the angry suppressed in his heart rushed out with a whoosh. He turned his head around and was going to start insulting, but when he cast his gaze behind that person, his eyes couldn’t help but light up and his face instantly turned happy.