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Martial God Asura - Chapter 332 – Relics of the Monster King

Martial God Asura - Chapter 332 – Relics of the Monster King

MGA: Chapter 332 – Relics of the Monster King

Focusing his gaze and looking over, within the original crowd of people who were like mountains and oceans, they opened a wide path.

The ones going along the path were pairs of men and horses. The ones who led were two middle-aged males who rode on golden-coloured battle horses. The auras of the two males were unordinary, and they were both powerful people in the peak of the Profound realm. They were the people from the Prestigious Villa.

Although the Prestigious Villa was strong, those in the peak of the Profound realm were still absolutely top-level characters in the Prestigious Villa. So, after people like them appeared, who would dare to block their path?

As for why the two people from the Prestigious Villa appeared at that place, it was because they were opening a path for the body of power behind them. That power was not simple, and it was one of the rulers of the Spirit Province, the people from the World Spirit Guild.

This time, there weren’t many people from the World Spirit Guild who came. There wasn’t even two hundred people, and all of them were males. The oldest doubtlessly did not reach thirty years old, and they were all still in young generation, being of mediocre level.

And the reason why Chu Feng was so happy was not only because he saw people from the World Spirit Guild, it was also because he saw a familiar person within the group of people. It was the person who was similarly aged as Chu Feng, being both young men; the one named as being the most outstanding genius within the young generation of the World Spirit Guild, Gu Bo.

“Gu Bo!” After seeing Gu Bo, Chu Feng quickly waved his hand as he went closer.

“Halt.” However, before even letting him speak, the two people from the Prestigious Villa who were opening the path stopped Chu Feng with unkind faces.

“Chu Feng?!” Seeing Chu Feng, Gu Bo was truly incomparably joyful. He hurriedly went up and said to the two Prestigious Villa experts, “Elders, this is my friend. He’s part of my World Spirit Guild.”

“Oh?” At that instant, the two people from the Prestigious Villa did not immediately let Chu Feng in. They cast their gaze towards the young men who was also in the peak of the Profound realm behind Gu Bo. Those people were clearly the representative characters of the World Spirit Guild who came on this journey.

“Gu Bo, you recognize him? Why have I never seen him before?” Seeing that, a male with a white face asked Gu Bo.

“Big brother Wang, he’s the person who stepped onto the peak of the Asura Ghost Tower last time, Chu Feng!” Seeing that, Gu Bo quickly explained.

“What? He’s Chu Feng?!” After the words came out, pretty much everyone in the World Spirit Guild cast their amazed gazes towards Chu Feng.

To normal people, perhaps they would not know what the Asura Ghost Tower was all about, but to the people from the World Spirit Guild, they deeply knew the impressiveness of the Asura Ghost Tower. The news of Chu Feng climbing the Asura Ghost Tower last time already spread around in the World Spirit Guild, so many people wanted to personally see what kind of character Chu Feng was.

“Elders, he is indeed part of my World Spirit Guild, so I hope you can help me out.” After assessing Chu Feng, the white-faced male walked forward and said to the people from the Prestigious Villa.

“Ahh, you’re too polite. It is only giving an extra spot out! It’s fine.” It had to be said that the white-faced male had quite a bit of face, because after speaking, the two elders from the Prestigious Villa quickly let Chu Feng into the World Spirit Guild’s group.

Soon after, under countless gazes of admiration and envy, Chu Feng followed the World Spirit Guild’s group. No need to line up, no need for examinations. He directly stepped into the Prestigious Villa.

After entering the Prestigious Villa and by the arrangements of Gu Bo and the others, Chu Feng even got a luxurious palace for himself to live in. Within the palace, there were even beautiful female servants serving there. It could be said to be top-class treatment for important guests.

“Chu Feng, what a coincidence. I never would have thought you would come to his place as well. Are you here for the Marriage Gathering?” As Chu Feng was resting in the palace, Gu Bo asked with excitement that filled his face.

“Heh, I just came past here by chance, and incidentally, I heard that this Prestigious Villa was hosting a marriage gathering or something, and on a curious whim, I came here for the liveliness.”

“But I never would have thought that the rallying power of this Prestigious Villa would be so big, being able to call so many people here. I just discovered that there seemed to be quite a few people from other provinces and powers, but I never would have thought that even you came.” Chu Feng sighed as he pretended that he did not know anything.

“Chu Feng, you should know the reason why the Prestigious Villa is setting up this Marriage Gathering right?” Gu Bo asked.

“Reason? Isn’t it a chance for single males to find a beautiful wife? What other reason can there be?” Chu Feng continued to feign idiocy.

Seeing that, Gu Bo first sent the female servants in the palace away, then only after laying a sound-proof Spirit Formation did he come near Chu Feng’s side and said in a low voice,

“Chu Feng, think carefully. If this is truly only a simple marriage gathering, would it be able to attract so many young generations from so many powers to this place? Is it even possible that there are no beauties in other provinces? Besides, for those who are able to enter this place, which one of them would be unable to find a wife?”

“After hearing your words, that is indeed true. What are they actually doing here? Don’t keep me in suspense!” Chu Feng closely asked with a face of confusion.

“Without hiding the truth, in this Qin Province, there are treasures. The Thousand Monster Mountain.”

“According to rumours, many years ago, a Monster King appeared within the Thousand Monster Mountain. That Monster King had powerful strength. With the raise of the hand or foot, mountain peaks could collapse and the earth could crumble. He had the abilities to call upon the wind and rain.”

“However, it’s said for a human, the greater the ability, the greater the ambition. Monstrous Beasts are no exception. That Monster King always wanted Monstrous Beasts to rule over this land, and because of that, unavoidably, there was a conflict with the Jiang Dynasty.”

“That battle was truly the so-called ‘Shocking the heaven and earth, causing ghosts and gods to sob’. From rumours, the Thousand Monster Mountain that year had actually had a really large area. The reason why it shrunk so much to the current stage is because it was caused by the battle between the Monster King and the dynasty’s emperor back then.”

“At the end, although it was the emperor who gained victory in the battle as he killed the Monster King, thus pacifying the rebellion of the Monstrous Beasts, the emperor was also heavily injured, and after a short while, he passed away.”

“Before he left, he gave an order out to warn his successors: The other powers in the continent of the Nine Provinces could become an enemy to the Monstrous Beasts in the Thousand Monster Mountain; the other powers in the continent of the Nine Provinces could plunder the resources in the Thousand Monster Mountain, but the Jiang Dynasty absolutely could not take the lead to attack the Thousand Monster Mountain, they could not plunder the resources in the Thousand Monster Mountain, and they could not step into the Thousand Monster Mountain again.”

“There were many different opinions why the old emperor of the Jiang Dynasty gave such a warning to his successors before he left. Some said that the emperor respected the Monster King’s battle power, and felt that despite having plenty of ambition, he was still a top-level character. Although he personally ended the life of the Monster King, he did not want his successors to disturb the peace of the Thousand Monster Mountain.”

“Some people also felt that the emperor discovered the secret of the Thousand Monster Mountain, and since that place was very possibly an ominous location, he didn’t want his successors to enter the Thousand Monster Mountain anymore.”

“But no matter what reason it was because, the Jiang Dynasty didn’t go attack the Thousand Monster Mountain anymore, and they did not even step half a step into the Thousand Monster Mountain.”

“However, that is still not the important reason. The important reason is back then, the Monster King attacked countless schools and robbed no small amount of treasures. Right now, the treasures are still in the Thousand Monster Mountain.”

“Also, it is rumoured that the reason why the Monster King was so strong was because it found the relics of a martial cultivation expert within the Thousand Monster Mountain, and within it, it received a great chance and even got a Elite Armament.”

“Although the Monster King is already dead right now, the Elite Armament and the resources it looted that year are still in the Thousand Monster Mountain. The place where it found its chance very possibly still exists.”